Friday, February 24, 2006

Cruising with the Cat

Today in Music History:

In 2002 Joey Ramone’s solo album, 'Don’t Worry About Me,' is released. Joey had died of cancer on April 15, 2001.
homercat cruising for pussyIt's near the end of Feb and a young cat's fancy starts thinking about spring which has to be just around the corner, anticipating that first truly warm day when one can hop in the car, put the top down, crank up the tunes and go cruising, just to enjoy the day. Lest one gets caught unawares you should have your mix CD ready of the best driving songs of all time. Not necessarily songs about driving, but songs that really get your juices flowing and make you want to put the pedal to the metal. I know lots of you have those mp3 players, ipods or phones or cd decks that play mp3 discs, whatever. In this case we're sticking to your traditional CD, where you can get roughly 15 to 20 songs on it. Why? Because I don't own any of those fancy gadgets and probably will never be able to afford them. Just got a cassette deck and a portable CD player with an adapter for this cat's vehicle. How bout the top 20 best songs to cruise with of all time. Tall order and I shall undoubtedly need help. Warning, the following songs are not allowed in this category: I can't Drive 55, Radar Love, and Life is a Highway, they just don't cut it. Admittedly this is simply the current crop, my list would probably be different if I wrote this two weeks ago. Not only that, but I could have listed 50 in a heartbeat, but you gots to draw the line somewhere. I have room for two more on my CD. Any suggestions or do I have the perfect list already? For these songs to be really effective they must be played at maximum volume. In no particular order, here they are:

Saturday Night Shoot-Out by The Pirates
Good for when you're just starting down the road, this sounds simply amazing in my car.
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Home for A Rest by Spirit of the West
The dangers of vacations when you party so much you must go home for rest. Loud and raucous.
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Blue Highway by Billy Idol
This song has always been a favorite of mine, Steve Stevens really tears it up here.
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Bounty Hunter by Molly Hatchet
Loudest concert I've ever been to. Makes me want to jump in the car and chase down bad guys.
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Rockaway Beach
by The Ramones
Whenever I hear this I picture a bunch of guys hoppin in a car to get to the beach where there's lots of bikini clad girls, which in turn makes me drive faster.
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Follow Your Daughter Home by The Guess Who
(File taken down, check current posts for some more great music)
An unlikely choice with a strange summery vibe to it, reminds me of racing to get your high school date home before her curfew, thus subconciously making me drive fast.
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Wango Tango
by Ted Nugent
One of my least favorite Nugent songs, but cranked up loud in the car, something changes, the song suddenly becomes like a mantra. Maybe it's when Nuge says You got to pretend your face is a Maserati. By the end of the song I'm driving like a frickin maniac. The lyrics are really something else too.
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Bounce by Danko Jones
Power trio from Canada with one of the best songs I've ever heard.
I love your black dress, your red lips, your long legs, your high heels
I love your thigh high boots and your snakeskin one piece suit
Yeah you really get me going when you put it all on
But I like it a little better when you take it all off.
Yowsa, simply awesome. Most excellent driving song.
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Voodoo Thing by Colin James
Colin James shows off his chop with this turbocharged hard driving track. One of the most overlooked musician in the world.
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I'll Believe in You(or I'll be leaving You Tonight) by The Tragically Hip
(File taken down, check current posts for some more great music)
The Canadian group with an excellent track to boogie down the road with.
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Ordinary Day
by Great Big Sea
A great sing a long with great vocals and harmonies and everyone loves to sing along in their cars right?
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by The Clash
Man it's taking me all day to do this post. A classic track from the best rock n roll album ever, London Calling.
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He's a Whore
by Cheap Trick
Actually Cheap Trick's entire first album should be on this list, but no room for it all.
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The Seventh Seal
by Van Halen
Simply my favorite Van Halen song. The guitars crunch and Sammy's vocal is in top notch paint peelin' mode and when played loud is almost orgasmic.
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Plastic Jesus by Billy Idol
(File taken down, check current posts for some more great music)
The best version of this song I've ever heard from one of the best albums of 2005. A nice break for when you need to cool the engine down.
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Another Hit and Run by Def Leppard
Before the Leppards hit it big with Pyromania, this cut from Hign n Dry takes driving to another whole level of existence. Honestly though don't Hit and Run, it's not nice.
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What's Next to the Moon
by AC/DC
You knew these guys had to be on here somewhere, from the Powerage album which I am quite fond of. Bon and the boys in excellent form.
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Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper
For this lyric alone if nothing else:
You don’t want to talk
So baby shut up
And let me drink the wine from your fur tea cup
Velcro candy, sticky sweet
Make my tattoos melt in the heat
Well, I ain’t no veggie
Like my flesh on the bone
Alive and lickin’ on your ice cream cone

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Got Love if You Want It by Angel
And finally you gotta have some Angel to make it all legit. It also makes people wonder as you drive by, wow that sounded great, I wonder who it was.
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There you have it. The post that took 6 hours to write. Maybe this will keep you all busy until Monday. I hope you've enjoyed my observations and remember I need help completing my perfect cruising CD. I need two more songs. Have a good weekend everyone.

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