Friday, March 24, 2006

Guilty As Charged

Today in Music History:

In 1973, during a Lou Reed show in Buffalo, New York, a fan jumped on stage and bit Lou on the butt. The man was thrown out of the theatre and Reed completed the show.
homercat strikes his seagulls poseA lot of us were silly in the eighties as you look at the cat with his flock of seagulls do. It's time to mix up a new CD and once again I'll be needing some help with the last two songs. A comment by Jeff got me thinking about my new disc. As music lovers we all have one thing in common, at some point, somewhere in time, we heard a song and our whole being cried out, must...hate.... this... song. Even though common sense told us that the song was trite and we should hate it, our brain keeps insisting that we like it. Guilty pleasures baby. Music that we listen to and hope our buddies don't catch us. For instance, back in the eighties I saw this video and thought the song was catchy, but fer gosh sakes look at those guys, how gay is this video. Then the rest of the day this song is going thru my head. The record stores I visited had friends as employees and I didn't want them to see me buying this album, so I actually got this girl I worked with to go in and buy the album for me. What was it you ask? It was Wham's first album, Fantastic. That song Young Guns wouldn't vacate my brain. Yep I actually liked that album. So we all got em and I'm sure every person who reads this has got those few songs that they hate to admit they like, so I'm making up a disc full of them to show the world I'm no longer ashamed of myself for liking not so rockin' stuff. Let's do it.

You knew it was gonna be on here, Lord help me I still enjoy the Wham. I need help.
Young Guns by Wham
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Madonna is one of those artists I love to hate. Her music sounds like a couple cats in heat to me. Back in the heyday of MTV, before everyone in the world had seen her boobs I was mesmerized by one of her videos. The one where she's dancin around in that red dress with a bunch of guys. I think it's a take off from a Marilyn Monroe movie. Everytime those guys would catch her and she was like upside down, I would think I know those boobs are gonna fall out of that dress this time. I hate myself for liking this song, but I still do. thank goodness it's the only one.
Material Girl by Madonna
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Anything by The Osmonds is a-ok in my book. White jumpsuits and all. If you can make it past the mormon message and the teen idol thing then when you hear some of their back catalog, you realize they had some rockin stuff. To this day I still think The Osmonds Phase III album is one of the best albums of all time. Top 50 to be sure. I demand that this album be reissued on CD right now. Oh and I had a thing for Marie too.
Down by the Lazy River by The Osmonds
Hold Her Tight by The Osmonds
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In the pre Grease era of the 70's when Olivia Newton John first came onto the scene an adolescent homercat had a huge crush on her. I thought she was about the cutest thing I'd ever seen. I liked her music too. My crush ended when she came out with that Physical song.
Please Mr, Please by Olivia Newton John
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For some reason I have a soft spot for shmaltzy ballads and no one did it better than Barry Manilow back in the seventies.
Somewhere in the Night by Barry Manilow
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Britney Spears represents a lot of what's wrong with the music industry these days. Insubstantial fluff and crap that manages to sell a lot of records. I cringe evertime I see a picture of her or her freeloading husband. Yet try as I might I can't resist this song. Someone slap some sense into me.
Lucky by Britney Spears
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I really didn't think I was gonna make it through the disco era of the late seventies. I needed crunchy guitars, but those damn brothers Gibb kept trying to suck me in. Whenever I hear this song I bust out my best falsetto, crank it up and sing a long. It's a Tragedy.
Nights on Broadway by The Bee Gees
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A while back after I had started this here deal I wrote a post on The Knack and that was my first post that started to overload my comments. Semms like there were quite a few folks who liked them. I never belonged to the Knuke the Knack campaign. I loved their 3 chord power pop. This track comes from Serious Fun which came out in 1991.
Rocket O' Love by The Knack
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Remember when Mac Davis had a TV show? I do and I never missed it.
Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me by Mac Davis
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Judging from the photo that goes along with this post then you must have figured out that I was a Seagulls fan. It's funny though, I didn't really care for the first album with that I Ran song. Plus the video was so bad that it was funny. It was the albums that followed that I was into. Quick, if I say eighties hair, what is the first image that pops up in your mind. Yep, Mike Score's infamous seagulls mop.
Transfer Affection by A Flock of Seagulls
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I've already talked about the I Eat Cannibals song so I won't rehash it here so get yer plaids out because I owned every single Bay City Rollers albums. Domestic and import copies.
I Only Want to Be With You by The Bay City Rollers
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I think this will be my last contribution. The rest of the disc I will be taking suggestions on. This is a bad one. The stupidest song by the stupidest non group ever. I'll get a first class ticket on an airbus to hell for liking these guys. I knew something funny was going on with these dudes. Even after the lip synch scandal I thought what the hell, whoever's singing they're damn catchy pop tunes. I even bought the remix album. Egad, you say, the cat is mental unbalanced. Yes he is.
I'm Gonna Miss You by Milli Vanilli(or somebody)
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So there it is my guilty pleasures. I had about three more to add but it's taken me all day here and I gots to draw the line somewhere. One of them was A Carpenters song. Whatever you do don't tell anyone that I like these songs. I'll never live down the shame. What are your guilty pleasures? What songs do you hate to love? What tunes should I put on my disc to finish it up? Hope you enjoyed todays madness. Everyone have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Homercat Out.

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