Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Let's Get Distorted

Today in Music History:

In 1972 Isaac Hayes wins an Academy Award for "Theme from ‘Shaft,’" making him the first African-American composer to be so honored. It also won two Grammys, a Golden Globe award and the NAACP Image Award.
That's weird, I heard on the news this morning that Isaac is quitting his role as Chef on South Park because he no likey that a couple episodes poked fun at scientology, his religion of choice. That's neither here or there just thought it was a strange coincidence which has nothing to do with this post.
Social Distortion
Take a band that achieves the perfect balance between their two major influences, the country anguish of Johnny Cash and the furious punk rock sound of early Clash and there you have a good description of LA's Social Distortion, especially on their finest album which came out in 1992. Throughout the years they've had many lineup changes.

Social Distortion formed in 1978 and released their debut album in 1983. Frontman Mike Ness went that down heroin road and it was four years before their next album. with the release of their second album, the band broadened their roots rock influences with a country feel. Their fourth album Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell became their most successful album and in every sense of the word is a classic. This album had all the earmarks of a major commercial success with some radio friendly tunes and strong production, but it never found the large audience they expected. Homercat had to scratch his head in wonderment also. SD's last release came in 2004, and only have seven albums to their credit but if you're a fan of rollicking, straight-ahead hard rock then you could do a lot worse than Social Distortion. Mike Ness doesn't try too hard. He just plugs it in, cranks it up, plays what chords he can (three of them to be exact) and sings about what he knows and Heaven and Hell is one of those rare albums that really doesn't contain any clunkers.

Bad Luck by Social Distortion

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Ring of Fire by Social Distortion

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