Friday, March 31, 2006

Pot Purrrii

Today in Music History:

1995, Jimmy Page escaped being knifed when a fan rushed the stage at a Page and Plant gig at Auburn Hills, Michigan. The fan was stopped by two security guards, who he knifes instead. After his arrest, he told police that he wanted to kill Jimmy Page because of the Satanic music he was playing.
I am really at a loss at what to post about today. I have writers block and methinks a shot of brain exlax is needed to get unblocked. I have changed the comment template a bit. If you don't have a gravatar it will show a default image next to your comment. Getting a gravatar is easy. Make your own 80 by 80 pixel image or find one online. Then go to, sign up and upload your image. Then whenever you comment with your email addy your pic will show up. Here or anywhere that supports it. A calling card if you will.

KillercatIt's the weekend and I've got my party gear on and I'll be on the prowl, looking creepy in my best Eddie fashion. I just kinda feel like aaargghh today. So do I feature some creepy tunes, party tunes, eclectic tunes or just a damn hodgepodge of music that has no seemingly common themes. I got it! This is the These songs really shouldn't be on the same CD mix

A while back I did a post about Jimmy the King and his excellent cover of Whole Lotta Rosie. I reupped that one in case you missed it and it's freakin cool. So I'll start out with another selection by The King. I don't believe Elvis himself could have done a better version of this song.
Sweet Home Alabama by Jimmy the King
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Ok so there's that pic of Killer Cat so I guess I'm obligated to do a little Iron Maiden. Took this one from the best album Iron Maiden ever put out. Gets me pumped up to do a little carnage.
Wraithchild by Iron Maiden
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I meant to mention this in the last post. A short time back Rush did an album of cover songs, right? I would love to hear Rush to a version of this song.
Up. Up, and Away by The Fifth Dimension
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I can't help it, but I'm feeling nasty again. Remember back in the 80's when the PMRC wanted to put the gag on musicians. Well they partially succeeded because in American Wal-Marts if your album gets that little sticker, then they will only sell a censored version of that record. They don't in the Great White. This group was one of the poster children for Tipper's organization. I Love it.
Animal(F**K Like a Beast) by W.A.S.P.
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I guess I'm up and down all over the place here. Am I heading for eclectic or is this just plain nutso. Cheese, I got your cheeze here. You say you want some cheese with that whine. Cheesey and whiney and don't you love to sing along. Ah ha I caught you.
Billy don't be A Hero by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods
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Uber strange lady and performance artist extraordinaire. I did a post on this gal way way back. There is no middle ground here, you either like it or loathe it. I like it when I'm in the right mood.
Let X=X by Laurie Anderson
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Do I have an instrumental yet. Maybe some classical? Nope not on this CD. I'm going to the movies bring the hot butter and the popcorn.
Popcorn by Hot Butter
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Got time for one more then you guys or gonna have to help me fill out my CD of These songs really shouldn't be on the same CD mix. Model turned singer turned actress with a tough as a mother persona. Hard to believe homercat had a bit of a thing for her in the eighties. Here is Grace Jones doing a version of a Police song and I daresay she does a helluva better job.
Demolition Man by Grace Jones
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That's it for today, I welcome suggestions and don't forget your gravatars. Have a great weekend and tune in next week when the homercat gets back to some seriousness and puts away the Photoshop.

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