Friday, March 17, 2006

Survey Says

Today in Music History:

In 1974 Slade star in the film 'Flame'. The soundtrack album 'Slade in Flame' hits #6 in the UK.
chillinA big thanks to the 39 of you who participated in the survey. I'll share some results with ya and elaborate on some details. First off 45% of you visit at least three times a week, which is about the regularity of my posts. Homie is not particularly prolific. A whopping 81% said they had encountered music they had never heard before. That staggers me because most of what I write about is the old shit that should be in everyones collection. I am happy to be bringing some classics to new ears.

Would you rather I feature the same old new indie crap that every single other music blog is featuring? One person skipped this question and everyone else answered an overwhelming no. 4 people said the toon sucks, 4 said they never read it and the rest said keep it. Now here's an important stat for you record industry types. 40% of the respondents said they have purchased music they have found here, and 24% said they would if it was cheaper. So you guys at the RIAA, think twice before you go around slapping lawsuits on people who are promoting and selling music for you.

Other features that people would like to see here: more naked chicks and/or more revealing photo's of the female artists. Jeez you men with your one track minds, but I'm with you and if I ever come across any, I'll see what I can do. Someone wants a bigger cat picture. And finally, yes homercat likes his cheese. I like the cheesy look and the garish colours and the more graphics the better. Why should I want Rockin' to look like every other blogger template blog. I will try to optimize the pics and stuff to make the page load faster, and maybe get rid of some other not really needed stuff to make it more friendly for dial up users. As for eye straining combinations of colours and goofy graphics, they're here to stay. If anything Homer may go for an even cheesier look. Someone may be surfing and come across Rockin' and think what the hell is this? Overall, 90% said don't change a durn thing. The reason I made that survey is that homercat wigged out a little over that worst music ever comment. Now for the music. The two overall favorite posts were the Cruising with the Cat and the George Jones? Go figure on the rockin' site. The survey results were anonymous so I don't know who left what so I'll just address y'all as dat guy that...

Anyways for the guy that likes the 80's posts, do you remember this old 80's tune. Total campiness, one hit wonder, or was homercat the only retard who liked that song.
I Eat Cannibals by Total Coelo (more info here)

Somebody liked the Valdy Post. As well you should.
A Good Song by Valdy

Always willing to help out dat guy who likes that old Alice Cooper shit. That old Cooper shit is a mainstay in the homercat house.
Luney Tune by Alice Cooper

For those guys that enjoyed the saddest song debate, I forgot about this one. It's kinda cheesy and that's right up cats alley, and damn, this tune is a bonafide tearjerker. It may be the saddest song ever.
I'll Be True to You by The Oak Ridge Boys

One guy really liked my Angel posts.
Broken Dreams by Angel

Apologies to the Nuge guys but since I just covered him not to long ago, oh ok one more Nuge and that's it.
The Harder they come(The Harder I Get) by Ted Nugent

The guys that liked the Cruising with the cat episode, well I've been sitting here busting my head, trying to think of another great driving tune. I have nothing against Radar Love, I just don't like it as much as some. Sometimes it gets me going. Oh here it is.
Sledgehammer by Bachman Turner Overdrive

And finally The Runaways were just featured so I'm going to go with a Joan Jett tuneage to offset that and it's a corker that I bet not many of you have heard. It's kinda naughty.
Fetish by Joan Jett

Have a great weekend and don't drink too much green beer eh?

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