Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Chill Out

Today in Music History:

In 1980, R.E.M. played their first ever gig when they appeared at St Mary's Episcopal Church, Athens, Georgia.
Only band that mattersLondon calling from the faraway towns, now war is declared and battle come down.

"London calling to the underworld, come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls.

I've repeatedly said here that while parents of the world were scared shitless of the Sex Pistols, they should have been more frightened of The Clash. Maybe parents aren't but taxi drivers in the UK are scared shitless. When Harraj Mann asked his taxi driver if he could play his tunes through the taxi's stereo system he probably never dreamed of being classified as a terrorist. After the cabbie heard such songs as London Calling and the Immigrant Song by Zeppelin and probably noticing his passenger was of Indian descent, it sounds as if he was pissing himself to call the cops. So after dude gets off the cab at the airport he makes call and the terrorist police detain him for three hours asking him questions. Harraj was remarkably poised for such an egregious act stating "He didn't like Led Zeppelin or The Clash but I don't think there was any need to tell the police,". There's a bit more to the story and you can google it, or surf the blogosphere, but I want to say this. Yes we should be a bit cautious and all these days, but people, puhleeeze!! I have long stated that London Calling is the best record album ever made. I have the words to all the songs memorized. Am I a terrorist? Will I be yanked off a plane for my tastes in music. Lord knows I've used enough flagged words in my posts to have big brother keepin' an eye on my leftist views. Paranoia is steadily creeping through the world and democratic nations are tightening the noose on their populations all for their protection and people seem to like this. Personally I don't feel protected, I feel violated. Knowing that some government agency is snooping around my blog or tapping my phone just because I said the words bomb, or terrorist kinda pisses me off. Benjamin Franklin said it best:
They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
I think all this paranoia about the war on terror has gone a bit far. Harraj himself sums it up quite nicely. "I mean obviously the political climate these days is like walking on egg shells, but I mean there's caution and then there's taking it to the point where it's absurd and ludicrous."

Yes there's music here somewhere, don't fret. The cat has had mucho stuffo to do this week and doesn't know how much he'll be around, but an effort shall be made. Now a good song about paranoia by The Kinks.

Destroyer by The Kinks

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