Friday, April 21, 2006

Hoser Heaven

Today in Music History:

In 1982, Joe Strummer disappeared for three weeks, which resulted in The Clash canceling a tour. He was found living rough in Paris.
Okay folks run out and get a two four, slip on those toques and get ready for the second hockey season that starts today. I'm sure Mr. Beer N. Hockey is ready or did his team make it this year. Yes sir playoffs start today. It's time for Calgary to quit fuckin around and start kicking some ass. Go Flames. After all the more playoff games the Flames win, the more Flames Girls we'll get to see. Yep, what is more Canadian than hockey. Maybe Beer and beavers eh? That's a pic of me and my hoser brother. Well actually I'm making a CD devoted to songs about hockey or songs that mention hockey. I must admit that as I was perusing my collection, I couldn't find many songs that fit the bill. The homercat is really gonna need some help filling out his hockey playoffs CD. Most of what I have found is by Canadian artists, so if you're not from Canada you might not get into this post. To all my fellow hosers, I say yes I will be posting that one song. You know the guy with the board. Let's get on with it. The Tragically Hip ranks with Mounties, hockey and toques as something quintissentially Canadian. No wonder the rest of the world doesn't get them. In tone and content the Hip's music is a paean to the Great White North. Most of their music deals with distinctly northern subjects such as Fifty Mission Cap, about former Toronto Maple Leaf Bill Barilko. The Hip Hail from Kingston, Ont, birthplace of Don Cherry and frontman Gord Downie is ardent hockey fan, a die hard Bruins fan. So I ramble on about The Hip because my first two hockey songs come from the Hip.

Fifty Mission Cap by The Tragically Hip
Fireworks by The Tragically Hip
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Now these others I won't go into the much depth about so in no particular order.
The Zamboni Song by The Gear Daddies

I've done a post about Warren Zevon here if you missed it and would like to learn more, but I miss the guy, lots.
Hit Somebody(The Hockey Song) by Warren Zevon
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Stompin Tom is another one of those purely Canadian icons. I actually laughed(don't hit me) the first time I saw him perform, but one things for certain, everytime he sings this one it gets the crowd fired up.
The Hockey Song by Stompin Tom Connors
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These guys put out an album of nothing but hockey songs. This is the only one I have though.
The Goalie is Drunk by The Zambonis
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What is hockey without the Hockey night in Canada theme song. Wish I had a better version of this.
Hockey Night in Canada theme music

As you can see my list is very short and I need about 12 more songs to fill my CD. One other song I had at one time was Me Like Hockey by The Arrogant Worms, but I can't seem to locate that one. Suggestions welcome. I feel like I should have been able to find more, but I'm a little wartorn this week. Y'all have a great weekend eh! Now go watch hockey.

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