Friday, May 05, 2006

Lazy Cat Repost Alert

Today in Music History:

In 1956, Elvis Presley scored his first US No.1 single and album when 'Heartbreak Hotel' went to the top of the charts. His debut album also went to No.1.
Full out rants are not very becoming of the cat, so I got rid of that last one. Sometimes I just need to vent. Now I'm lazy and tired so here comes an oldie but goodie.
Remember this guy? If you've never heard of him and his band the Blockheads maybe you've heard the phrase sex and drugs and rock n roll. In 1977 Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll was released as a single, with little success even though now it's a classic must have song. In 1978 they released the album New Boots and Panties which no music connoisseur should be without. Today I'm featuring a song off that album. It's actually an ode to Gene Vincent. At the age of seven, Ian Dury was stricken with polio. After spending two years in hospital, he attended a school for the physically handicapped. He sang with a thick cockney accent and honestly was unable to carry a tune. His singing relied on the rhythm of the words and it worked well although sometimes you think "What the 'ells ee sayin'"

In May 1998, Dury announced that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer in 1995 and that the disease had spread to his liver. He decided to release the information the weekend of his 56th birthday, in hopes of offering encouragement for others battling the disease. For the next year, he battled the disease while keeping a public profile -- in the fall of 1999, he was inducted into Q magazine's songwriting hall of fame, and he appeared at the ceremony. Sadly, it was his last public appearance. Dury succumbed to cancer on March 27, 2000. He left behind a truly unique, individual body of work.

Here it is, but don't be fooled! The song starts out damn slow with a few verses then it pauses and then wham it hits you in the gut with a flat out rock n roll frenzy. Check out that piano and guitars. Halfway through the song you're thinking I must know the lyrics to this song so I will provide them below. One of my all time favorite songs. Enjoy!!

Sweet Gene Vincent by Ian Dury and the Blockheads

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Lyrics to Sweet Gene Vincent

blue gene baby

skinny white sailor, the chances were slender
the beauties were brief
shall I mourn you decline with some thunderbird wine
and a black hankerchief?
I miss your sad Virginia whisper
I miss the voice that called my heart
sweet gene vincent
young and old and gone
sweet gene vincent
(brief pause)

who, who, who slapped john?

white face, black shirt
white socks, black shoes
black hair, white strat
bled white, died black

sweet gene vincent
let the blue roll tonight
at the sock hop ball in the union hall
where the bop is there delight

here come duck-tailed Danny dragging Uncanny Annie
she's the one with the flying feet
you can break the peace daddy sickle grease
the beat is reet complete
and you jump back honey in the dungerees
tight sweater and a ponny tail
will you guess her age when she comes back stage?
the hoodlems bite thier nails

black gloves, white frost
black crepe, white lead
white sheet, black knight
jet black, dead white

sweet gene vincent
there's one in every town
and the devil drives 'till the hurse arrives
and you lay that pistol down

sweet gene vincent
there's nowhere left to hide
with lazy skin and ash-tray eyes
a perforated pride

so farewell mademoiselle, knicker-bocker hotel
farewell to money owed
but when your leg still hurts and you need more shirts
you got to get back on the road

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