Friday, May 19, 2006

More AM Gold 1973

Today in Music History:

In 1973 Yes hits #12 in the US with 'Yessongs'.
Due to the hecticness of this week, homercat has been missing in action. I had a request from Mike for some more AM Gold and since his name is Mike, Playground in my Mind didn't go over well for him in his childhood jb said that particular single was the most embarrassing 45 in his collection. Mick preferred the Hot Chocolate version of Brother Louie and after hearing it, the verdict is still out. It does have it's good points and is actually quite different. Jeff wants to revisit the early J Geils Band and their awesome live show. Coming in the future. Mr. Beer and Hockey is still quite obsessed in Geddy Lee, and Humble Pie and Status Quo deserve their own posts. I've already done a lot of research for 1973 with last weeks post, so a quick run down about some more possibly embarrassing singles, classics and maybe one to jog your mind down memory lane. Homercat may be up to better form next week.

This first one may be the most embarassing 45 I ever owned. Why did I buy it? I'll never know why. Strangely, it still has a perplexing hold over me and it stays in my playlist in heavy rotation. There's no accounting for taste. Maybe it was just the long song title.
The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia by Vicki Lawrence

When you think of that year, a lot of tunes come to mind quickly. But he renowned horn-driven funk outfit Tower of Power may slip your mind. Not only are these guys still around, in addition to recording their own material, they were a much in-demand backing group for some of pop/rock's biggest names, including Elton John, Santana, Bonnie Raitt, Huey Lewis, Little Feat, David Sanborn, Michelle Shocked, Paula Abdul, Aaron Neville, Aerosmith, Michael Bolton, Billy Preston, PiL, Rod Stewart, Toto, Merl Saunders, and others. These guys got cred.
So Very Hard to Go by Tower of Power

Most of you know by now what a huge fan i am of The Osmonds. I feature them now and again here and honestly they were a mainstay of my youth, along with Alice Copper, Black Sabbath, etc. etc. A nice little ballad that is pure Osmond.
Let Me In by The Osmond Brothers

A Canadian entry, this single sold well over a million copies and Edward Bear is not a dude or a bear but a Canadian group. The single was actually released in 72, but was still hanging around in 73. The group was formed in 67 and after the success of this single the band was pretty much finished
Last Song by Edward Bear

The first concert I ever went to was Seals and Crofts and they were one of the 1970s' most successful soft-rock acts. To this day one of my favorite albums of theirs, Get Closer, is still unavailable on CD. Someone please rectify this.
Diamond Girl by Seals and Crofts

A radical, left-wing, pot smoking, rebel rousing hippie is responsible for this next tune which met with censorship and was actually banned from some radio stations. The scary John Denver had the uppity ups panties in a twist for mentioning the word "high". A truly scary and dangerous role model for children. Don't Believe the hype. I'm with you John and know exactly where you're coming from. Whenever I see the Canadian Rockies they truly take my breath away and make me feel giddy. To me it's the most beautiful place I've ever seen and it gets me high baby! This song is an iron clad favorite of mine to this day.
Rocky Mountain High by John Denver

Wouldn't it be nice if their was a comprehensive boxset of classic tunes from 1973? Alot of stuff wasn't great and you would hate to buy that album for that one song. Most compilation albums for that year have 10 or 12 songs and don't even begin to cover the spectrum. Be that as it may you can buy this as a start or browse and maybe find that elusive boxset. I'm kinda likin this series and will feature more of the early seventies in later posts. Any suggestions or input is welcome, cause when you're a hack all help is appreciated. Everyone have a great weekend, especially you BC residents with your long weekend, or is it all Canada?

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