Monday, May 08, 2006

Soundalike my Ass

Today in Music History:

Ah yes the old rant fiasco, needless to say I hate cell phones with a passion. If I ever figure out a nice way of saying how much I hate them, I will repost the one I deleted. If I offended anyone then live with it. The Offspring. I remember when they went from indie to major label and all the fans were screaming sell out. i said good on ya. Be that as it may they have had some really decent output over the years. Need we create a new genre for them, say punk pop, or pop punk. No not really just good ole rock n roll is what I say. I can't help but love Noodles guitar. It's funny, the allmusic site describes the Offspring as a Nirvana soundalike band. This makes me laugh. I quote
The Nirvana sound-alike "Come Out and Play," the first single from the album, became an MTV hit in the summer of 1994, which paved the way to radio success.
I don't know who wrote that but he was so fucking clueless as a writer and reviewer he should be fired. I'm sorry but on that song alone Noodles is playing like Kurt Cobain wished he could. How could anyone compare the dick dale riffs to the I hate life and drudge, drudge, Teen Spirit, Puhleeze, that was crap. It's also funny that Noodles was the janitor at their old high school. I think he's great(he's my age) . Every Nirvana song I ever heard made me want to slit my wrists. First because it was depressing and second because it sucked. Jeez twenty years ago I was playing guitar badly and writing depressing lyrics. I should be a star.

Whereas The Offspring's music makes me want to party, have fun, and not be a whiny downer guy like Cobain. People elevate Cobain to godhood and I just don't get it. His angst and disillusion with society? Been there done that back in the seventies, didn't kill myself. Although I might have been tempted to kill myself with Courtney Love as my wife. His music? Well honestly it was kind of a three chord suck fest. Nirvana sound a like that's funny. Well I've pissed off the Cobainheads, but they may get over it once they quit wallowing in self pity. But hey on the bright side here's a tune from the Offspring which I definitely feel is their best and once you listen to the riff and the lyrics you may feel as I do, that it is one of the best songs ever. It's my oldlady's fave. I kinda agree with her. And if someone wants to explain how The Offspring sounds just like Nirvana, please do. If you want to explain how Nirvana is better, don't bother. Jee whiz this almost is a rant.

Spare Me the Details
by The Offspring
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