Friday, June 09, 2006

Quickest Post Ever

Today in Music History:

1990, Wilson Phillips went to No.1 on the US with 'Hold On'. 25 years earlier to the day Wendy and Carnies father Beach Boy Brian had been at No.1 with 'Help Me Rhonda'.
homercat idolIt's Friday and homercat apologizes to his readers for his lack of output this last little while. A gal at work broke her wrist, so the cat and one other person have been covering for her until she recovers. This means less time to entertain my public. Also a serious lack of sleep makes for a grumpy homercat who can't think good. So I didn't want anyone thinking that Good Rockin' was going to the blog graveyard. I usually try to post something really yummy on Fridays to get you guys over the weekend. I'll throw up a few here and if y'all can hang in there the cat will be making his normal rounds pretty soon. Before i forget, I meant to mention this in my last post about Def Leppard in regards to The Sweet's HellRaiser track. Is it just me or did Motley Crue totally steal that Opening riff from the Sweet for their song Kickstart My Heart. I mean it's exactly the same.

A song about famous boobs
Dolly Parton's Tits by Maclean and Maclean

Some song I got from the Budweiser music site for buying beer.
Non Stop by Start Trouble
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A tune that wick introduced to me, maybe he can supply us some more info on these guys.
Ms. Demeanor by The Merrymakers
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A great funny tune by those Canadian folkie pranksters
Carrot Juice is Murder by The Arrogant Worms
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From one of the best albums of this year
Game of Fools by Willie Nile
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And just so I can use the word butthole in a post.
TV Star by The Butthole Surfers
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So which one did you like the best? Hang in there, have a gooder and the homercat will be seein ya in a few days.

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