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Catmusic for Sexpeople

Today in Music History:

In 1969, Mick Jagger was accidentally shot in the hand during filming of 'Ned Kelly' in Australia.
After my Ant post, I went and dug up all my Adam Ant stuff and started playing it all. Without any of you knowing it, homercat went and declared this the week of the Ant and went on an antmusic binge. Donning the proper listening attire and with maximum volume adjusted Ant week began. Adam Ant fans caught my play on words for the title of this post and if you don't get it then someone needs some serious Antucation. Today I'm going into a much more in depth look at Mr. Ant and hope you'll come along for the ride since my last Ant post garnered many favorable comments. Also there will be a wee giftie for homercats readers at the end of this post.

First before I get into the albums, when Stuart Goddard was growing up, his father worked as a chauffer and his mother was a cleaning lady for one Sir Paul McCartney.

Dirk Wears White Sox 1979
When this album was released the Ants got quite a fan base. Dirk was an ambitious and somewhat dark album, filled with jerky rhythms, angular guitar riffs, and elements of glam rock that crept into Adam's vocals. The album wasn't a critical or commercial success, and the band felt the need to rework their image. Ant recruited former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, whose main influence was to persuade the three other band members to leave and form a new band called Bow Wow Wow.
Cleopatra by Adam and the Ants
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Kings of the Wild Frontier 1980

In early 1980 Adam Ant recruited old friend Marco Pirroni to reform the lineup, sound and image of the band, now featuring two drummers and pirate dress. This new look was used to market the album Kings of the Wild Frontier which I talked about before. Truth be told I've listened to this album dozens of times this week and it sounds better and fresher than it did in 1980. First of all I really did everyone a disservice by not featuring the Kings version of Physical. The Dirk version is quite below par. Listening to this version one can see exactly where Mr. Reznor got the inspiration for the Nine Inch Nails sound. Way ahead of it's time and Marco makes that guitar freakin scream.
Physical (You're So) by Adam and the Ants( THE BEST VERSION)

Also on the album is a catchy number that really showcases Marco's spaghetti western guitar licks. On the chorus the backup vocals chant Clint Eastwood.
Los Rancheros by Adam and the Ants.

And finally this track showcases what the whole album is about. Burundi tribal rhythms, Marco's feedback oriented guitar chops which makes feedback sound like ear candy. Adams vocals superbly fit everything that is going on around him singing about antmusic and antpeople. This album switches gears between giddy and ominous, providing a thrill ride in its 13 original songs. That's why it still sounds like nothing else 26 years after its release.
Kings of the Wild Frontier by Adam and the Ants
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Prince Charming 1981
Prince Charming was highly successful, with three United Kingdom top-ten singles (two reaching #1). At the same time he and actress Jamie Lee Curtis had a brief relationship. Even so it was obvious that the band was moving in a different direction,less tribal and more towards the new romanticism.
That Voodoo by Adam and the Ants
Stand and Deliver by Adam and the Ants
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Friend or Foe 1982
This is the big break out album for Adam in the states. The Ants were history with only Marco left with Adam now. If people only know one Ant song it's Goody Two Shoes and to me that's a shame. If that's the only one you know then You're really missing out. This album is full of big production, cheerful, unabashed pop hooks and big, glitzy glam pop. One of the best new wave albums of the 80's.
Place in the Country by Adam Ant
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Strip 1983
An album I enjoy a lot but the public didn't seem to quite get it and antmusic starts to slide. Gone are the driving, danceable rock with humor that had made Kings of the Wild Frontier, Prince Charming, and even some of Friend or Foe great albums. Strip features a lighter pop approach and more camp as the title suggests. It probably did not help that Phill Collins produced a few tracks.
Playboy by Adam Ant
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Vive Le Rock 1985
Damn I loved this album and it flopped miserably in the UK and the states. Ant adopted a '50s-style rock & roll sound for this album. Even so Marco's distinctive guitar is still hangin out with the Ant man. After this album his record label droped him and Adam focused on acting. Yes he did star in Love Bites and did numerous parts on television.
Razor Keen by Adam Ant
Apollo 9 by Adam Ant
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Manners and Physique 1990
In 1990, whilst maintaining an interest in acting, Ant returned to London and re-entered the pop music world with the album Manners and Physique, a collaboration with André Cymone, a solo artist and an early member of Prince's band. The album was a moderate success, and featured the hit single "Room at the Top". Cymone played many of the instruments on this album but that's still Marco you hear playing the lead. I thought this album excellent and is my second fave Antmusic.
Piccadilly by Adam Ant
Rough Stuff by Adam Ant
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1993-There should be an album here. he toured in support of a planned album called Persuasion. For reasons unknown, however, MCA refused to release the album. MCA still has the album under wraps. When Marco was compiling the Antbox set a while back they still refused to cooperate and let him use any of the tracks. With the good ole internet finding a leaked track can sometimes be easy and supposedly this track is from the album that never saw the light of day.
Little Devil by Adam Ant

Wonderful 1995
The title track was a successful single, as was a tour of the U.S. in support of the album. While Ant and his group (which retained longtime guitarist Pirroni) played in smaller venues than they had played in the 1980s, the houses were often packed with enthusiastic fans. A really nice album.
Beautiful Dream by Adam Ant
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In early 2002, Ant was charged with threatening members of the public with an imitation firearm in a London pub. The court also ordered that he undertake rehabilitation, although he was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder (manic depression).

Since the 2002 incident, Ant has occasionally been featured in news stories
surrounding potential projects and his medical condition. A television special entitled The Madness of Prince Charming was aired in the UK in 2003 documenting his career and his struggle with mental illness. It may be of interest to Ant fans that this documentary appears on later editions of the "Prince Charming Revue" DVD, having been added as an extra.

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