Thursday, August 10, 2006

Physical, (You're so)

Today in Music History:

In 1959, four members of The Platters were arrested after a gig in Cincinnati when found with four 19 year old women, (3 of them white), in various stages of undress. The scandal resulted in radio stations across the US removing Patters records from their playlists.
Those lazy crazy hazy days of summer have us all busy I suspect. Rockin homercat is no exception, so don't fret folks, postings have slowed down but they won't end eh. Even though the homercat is in a rush to get other major things done, a quickie for today is in order. One day in 1980 homercat made a visit to the local record store and at that time vinyl was the audiophiles only option for quality tuneage. Whilst perusing the bins, the album the store was playing had thunderous drumbeats and guitars that really perked my ears. After five minutes I knew I simply had to have whatever was playing. The band was Adam and the Ants and it was their second album called Kings of the Wild Frontier. Twenty six years later and this album still sounds amazing. This is one of the great defining albums of its time - there is simply nothing else like it. Nothing else has the same bravado, the same arrogance, and the same sense of post-punk camp. Much was made of the Ants' swashbuckling/Apache image, but the song-writing team of Adam Ant and Marco Pirroni was superb on this album and the use of two drummers gave the band a distinct sound missing from most of their contemporaries.

After the first two upbeat songs, the record makes a turn and suddenly gets very dark ala visions of a Bowiesque post-apocalyptic landscape. Physical (You're So), a #19 hit in the US, but never released as a single in the Ant homeland of the UK, is the next to last track and is truly one of his best songs, it is also one of his darkest, accompanied by Marco's paranoid guitar feedback. Actually the feedback on this album is a thing of beauty. I always liked Adam after this album but sadly the boys never could match the amazing sound of this record. Depending on which record you bought, domestic or import, the track listing was different with Physical being on the US copy. Then again there are several different versions of the song. This particular version comes from the 2004 rerelease of Dirk Wears White Sox(the first album). The other track here comes straight from Kings Of the Wild Frontier and is another one of my favorites.

Physical,(You're so) by Adam and the Ants
Ants Invasion by Adam and the Ants
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One of the many artists influenced by Antmusic is Trent Reznor of NIN fame. NIN's debut album Pretty Hate Machine was a masterpiece and I couldn't wait for his next effort. When Broken came out I was pleasantly surprised when two bonus tracks showed up as track 98 and 99. Tracks 7-97 being blanks spaces. Track number 98 was a blistering cover of Adam Ant's Physical. This track alone is worth the purchase price of the disc.

Physical by Nine Inch Nails
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