Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Electric Angels

Today in Music History:

In 2003, US Wal-Mart stores refused to stock 'Permission To Land' the Number 1 album by UK rock group The Darkness because the sleeve featured a woman's bottom.
electric angelsFormed from the ashes of the band Candy, the Electric Angels managed to bring some class back to the world of hard rock with a sound in the same vein as Hanoi Rocks and the Rolling Stones.
The Electric Angels formed in Los Angeles and played their debut gig on December 31, 1987. The band consisted of Shane (vocals, and the only member not involved with Candy), Ryan Roxie (guitar), Jonathan Daniel (bass) and John Schubert (drums). Kiss' Bruce Kulick produced the group's first demos, which promptly landed them a deal with Atlantic records. Their self-titled debut was produced by Tony Visconti and released in 1990. They were reviewed favorably as a cross between The Replacements and Hanoi Rocks. Despite being a great debut effort and backed by constant touring, the debut album (and first single "Rattlesnake Kisses") didn't make many waves commercially. Their record label wanted the band to demo new material, and a second album was prepared. But record company politics led to the album being shelved. The band was dropped in 1991, before they could record their second album, which was to be called New York Times. Demos for the second album do exist and have shown up on bootlegs bearing the name of the aborted album. Shane, Jonathan, and John returned a few years later, without Ryan Roxie, as The Loveless, releasing A Tale Of Gin And Salvation in 1995, an album that is well loved among fans of the power pop music genre.

Roxie became the most noticeable after the band disbanded, playing with both Alice Cooper and Dad's Porno Mag. All the members, minus Roxie, reunited for a radio show in 2000, but a full reunion is very unlikely.

That's a damn shame too. I discovered EA back in 1991 whilst perusing a bargain bin at a record store(AKA the cutout bin). Having never heard of these guys, I thought some of the song titles were were interesting so for a buck 99, it got purchased. When I got home and played the disc, I discovered I had purchased a well crafted and rockin' album for mere peanuts. Over the years I played this disc over and over and wished these guys had been able to do more. Then tragedy struck and the disc was gone. All these years later and the disc is an out of print, rare and hard to find CD. Through my travels near and closer these past few weeks, I checked many used record stores, pawn shops and thrift stores for this disc and Phantom Rocker and Slick and Cheap Trick's Standing on the Edge album. All to no avail. Then through some connections and a generous soul someone hooked me up with some mp3's. I was so excited I felt I had to share a couple of these classic glam rock tracks with my readers. Although I wish to throw this out there. I am still searching for this and the other titles I mentioned. The Phantom Rocker Slick was never released on CD so if anyone's got the cassette, homercat is willing to purchase. But I digress. Enjoy these tracks and buy the disc if you can.

Rattlesnake Kisses by Electric Angels
The Drinking Song by Electric Angels
Buy It if u can

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