Monday, September 11, 2006

A Sad Day Indeed

Today in Music History:

In 1977 David Bowie records his guest appearance on 'Bing Crosby's Merrie Olde Christmas'. Bowie and Bing perform a duet of "The Little Drummer Boy."
gimpy homercatHomercat is back. A little gimpy but back. Not because he did any extreme sports in the mountains or anything like that. The cat is just fuckin' old and his bum knee is acting up so bad that he has resorted to a bit of cane action to get around. Life sucks then we get old eh. Oh yeah didn't something bad happen about five years ago?

I try to stick with the music but I have to say something on this anniversary of a terrible tragedy. A bit of a rant if you will. There will be music at the end. We were all affected that day in our different ways. I personally spent several hours crying and wishing I was right at ground zero so I could help. I wanted to kill, kill, and kill some more those who were responsible. Since then the American president has been fighting the war on terrorsm(mainly by invading Iraq and that helps us why?). Orange, Yellow, RED, get yer duct tape and save yerself.

Whatever your belief, red state or blue state, liberal or conservative, christian, jew, muslim, mormon or atheist. We lost the war on terrorism this day five years ago. We lost it before we even knew there was a terrorism war. They achieved every goal they had and more than they could possibly imagine on that day. They totally changed our way of life, which was their whole goal. Starting September 12th, Americans and most of the free world bowed their heads to these terrorists and said ok you win. We have allowed our governments to run wild with laws and policies that should make us shudder with disbelief. Monitoring of all of US citizens by our phone usage, internet habits, library usage, book purchases. Spying on each and every on of us. If you believe in that pipe dream that they're just spying on us to protect us, then god help you. It's a governmental wet dream that we now think it's ok that they can listen in on us all for our safety. Our way of life has changed so much it's scary. Way more scarier than Osama bin cocksucker could ever be. Try to take toothpaste on your next flight and then tell me who's winning this war on terrorism.

They won the whole war that day five years ago. Our way of life has changed so much and people are laying down and saying here take my freedoms, protect me. As long as I'm safe I don't care what the government does. You folks realize that all your cellphones have that little chip in it, right. I live on the westcoast and that stupid little fucker over there in Korea scares me more than anything, yet we ignore that little shit. Now he's a dumbshit scary motherfucker. Oh well.

Regardless I refuse to live by all these stupid little penis assholes visions. I ain't a moron, if I see some stupid, makes no sense shit happening nonsense going on I'll report it. Other wise I'm going on about my day to day business. I'm not much of a God person but I do believe he has your number. You're either going to die by natural causes, a tornado, cancer, car crash, a terrorist, heart attack or something. Die you will, we ALL DO and he has your ticket punched. Personally even though I'm gimpy, I got too much livin to do to let these little pissant motherfuckers make me scared to walk out my door and I'll be damned if I sit still and let our governments make us scared to walk out my door. And You should be ashamed if you let the terrorists and our governments do that to us. Do you think this is the first time?
Feb 17 1775
They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin

They weren't a bunch of pussies. Should we be?

One other thing, shouldn't we be going after the asswipe who did this and who is still planning further attacks against North America???

Thus my political rant is over. It was weighing on my mind. Now some tunes and I won't go there again. Only music stuff here on out.

I Won't Run Anymore by Pete Townshend
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Let's Impeach the President by NeilYoung
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