Friday, September 22, 2006

Working for the Weekend

Today in Music History:

In 1989 Neil Young releases 'Freedom,' his best album in a decade. A blistering performance of the opening track, "Rockin' in the Free World," on 'Saturday Night Live' is regarded as one of that show's best performances.
Here it is Friday and homercat has only written once this week. If any of you have been coming here for a while, then you have all listened to my moans and groans about finding stuff that is out of print. When searching for stuff that is OOP, buying it from the record companies is not an option because they no longer sell it. Then you have to go searching in used record stores, thrift shops, pawn shops and flea markets. When these avenues have been exhausted someone always says, I bet you can find it on Ebay or somewhere on the web. Yes this is most likely true, but like any other antique, You might shell out well over a hundred bucks to some greedy miser who's been hoarding that special CD you've been looking for. He gets richer and the artist gets squat.

Since starting this here site, homercat has met lots of folks who share his love for the tunes. Many friendships have developed and many of these great people have helped me hook up with the stuff I've been searching for. Some have gone above and beyond. You guys know who you are and My thanks to all of you. You guys Rawk. Then I have to thank youse guys who stop in and read what's on the cat's mind. Good Rockin' is coming up on it's two year anniversary and while not extremely prolific, I try to get out at least two posts a week. I also try to respond to your comments and emails individually, but sometimes I fall behind. Most of you know that I focus on older stuff, but I do feature new artists once in a while. Which brings me back around to OOP stuff again. Most of this stuff shouldn't be OOP. Since it is, then someone needs to breathe new life into these OOP records and introduce them to a new generation. Hence the homercat.

A few days back I did a post on Electric Angels and (I hope he doesn't mind if I mention this) shortly thereafter I received an email from Jonathan Daniels, former bass player for the band. Just a short note that read
I'm a big fan of your blog so I was naturally very excited to see you mention our band!
Thanks and I hope you keep the blog going. Its an awesome stroll down memory lane.

So I'm keeping the music alive. Which brings me to this. I'm going to do something I rarely do, feature a whole album. I'm all for buying the record so the artist gets money for their work. When it's OOP who benefits then? I've mentioned Joanna Dean a couple times here and I believe it's time for everyone who hasn't heard the album should get a chance to. Her out of print Cd can be found on ebay sometimes going for around $150. That's insane. Joanna Dean was an up and coming promising rocker whose voice was a cross between Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt. This her debut album rocked hard and bordered on metal but for some reason she never caught on. She does the best cover of the Stones Gimme Shelter, I've ever heard.


01 - Ready for Saturday Night
02 - Kiss This
03 - Misbehavin'
04 - I Miss the Money
05 - Once Is Enough
06 - Dirty Fingers
07 - Burnin' Rubber
08 - She's Been Hearing About Me
09 - Gimme Shelter
Copy and paste this link in your browser to download

Before I let the weekend have it's way with you guys, how a bout a few fun tunes. Last night had the old winamp on random and this song came on and I started to laugh my ass off again. It never fails to crack me up. It's a live recording of Mojo Nixon from 2003 in Vancouver I think. It's surprisingly good quality and I've posted it here before, but if you haven't had a chance to get it, you've got to hear it, that's an order. Mojo has his way with George Bush and it's hilarious and also true. Highly recommended.
Louisiana Liplock by Mojo Nixon
Buy It

How to describe this next song? It's my personal favorite from this Canadian band and it too is a live version and has the best damn tuba playing I've ever heard on a CD. The fact that it mentions an erection on a horse is just a bonus. Check it out and see if you dig that tuba as much as I do.
And If Venice is Sinking by Spirit of the West

Gonna throw in some Osmonds cause this song is fun and you gotta dig Donny's falsetto. Also from the 1971 OOP album "Homemade"
Double Lovin' by The Osmonds

See You guys next week eh? Have a gooder.

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