Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th/More Creepy Tunes

Today in Music History:

In 1975, Neil Young underwent an operation at a Los Angeles hospital to remove an object from his vocal cords.
Jason vs Homercat
Today mixes well with my creepy music series. If you're superstitious you dread this day or maybe visions of Jason Voorhees flash through your head everytime someone mentions what day it is.

So today is part two of homercats creepy music series and it seems appropriate to start off with a little ditty from one of those Jason movies. The sixth one to be precise. In the movie Jason Lives my favorite shockmeister, Alice Cooper, was pegged to write some tunes for the movie. Alice came up with a perfect tune for the flick. With a background Jay..Jay..son..son to fuel it this song was a perfect addition to Jason's slice and dice ways.

He's Back(the Man Behind the Mask) by Alice Cooper (rs)
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While on the subject, Alice figures to be a prominent figure in the posts to come. I'll have more on that later. Staying with the Coop we'll head to his 1982 album DaDa which contains some of the spookiest shit he's ever done. The title track, Dada, is in my opinion the creepiest track Alice has ever done. It's like a haunting Halloween treat with a little girls voice behind menacing music, repeating the word "Dada." I dare you to listen to this track with the lights out, all by yourself. A couple of people I have played it for over the years have actually freaked out over this song, giving them nightmares and a stern warning from them to never play that freaky shit again. Let me know what you guys think of it eh.
DaDa by Alice Cooper
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Here's another tune that a lot of folks I knew were a little creeped out from. Not nearly as spooky as the previous track, but I've had more than one person tell me that it really bothered them, not because they thought it sucked, because it gave them a weird, uneasy feeling. From Johnny Rotten's second band Public Image Limited. Maybe it's the eerie sounding keyboards, hooky bassline or Lydon's incessant background chanting of "this is what you want, this is what you get" becoming more and more bitter and sarcastic the more they are repeated. As one who enjoys this track it's hard to tell what others might think of it. Sounds nice and Halloweenish to this homercat.
The Order of Death by Public Image Ltd
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Back in the mid 70's, when KISS were getting huge, parents stopped worrying about Alice Cooper's escapades and many if not all of them were scared shitless of this "demonic" band. You know the Knights in Satan's Service stuff and all the other rumours. Us kids knew better, all we knew was that KISS rocked. These guys have a number of tracks that could be considered eerie in nature, such as God Of Thunder or Almost Human. But a track from the poorly received 1981 album, The Elder, has my vote as a good creepy KISS song, if there's such a thing. The album itself is really much better than it's reputation and would recommend it to anyone.
Mr. Blackwell by KISS
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Let's do one more before homercat runs. Ozzy Osbourne is well noted for biting heads off things and being like a prince of Darkness and all. I don't care what anyone says about Ozzy, he's ok in my book. I really wasn't a huge Black Sabbath fan, so I wasn't all broke up when the Oz got booted from Sabbath. When He released his first solo album, Blizzard of Ozz, back in 1980 I became an instant Ozzy fan. This album packs a punch and is a true classic in every sense of the word. Still sounds fresh 26 years later. Mr. Crowley is my pick off this album as a good Halloween tune. Nice eerie discordant organs at the beginning really get you in the mood to bite the heads off things. This tune would be right at home in a Vincent Price film.
Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne (rs)
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Hopefully there are a few of you who are digging homercat's creepy song series but don't go making up those Halloween discs just yet. The cat has many more coming down the pike for all ghouls and boys to enjoy. In the meantime steer clear of those black cats, don't break any mirrors or walk under a ladder. At least wait until tomorrow. Keep your eye out for that dude with the hockey mask and machete. Homercat wants to kick his ass.

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