Friday, November 24, 2006

In Which Homercat Reflects

Today in Music History:

In 1983, Irish group The Undertones split up. Lead singer Feargal Sharkey went on to have a No.1 UK single as a solo artist with 'A Good Heart'.
Homercat decided that today he would just write stuff and try to tie in some music somehow. My friend over at the Hits keep on a comin' recently wrote about an article that listed the top 10 worst songs of all time and he offered up a list of 5 of what he considered to be the worst. I happened to agree with 4 of them, I'll throw up my list of 5 and see how many agree with me.
1. In My Place-Coldplay reason: it sucks
2. Clocks-Coldplay reason: it sucks
3. Speed of Sound-Coldplay reason: Sucks more
4. Talk-Coldplay reason: Sucking Bad
5. Fix You-Coldplay reason: Sucks so bad, my ears bleed

As a matter of fact worst band ever sounds good.

This version of this song sucks pretty bad too.
Shock the Monkey by Don Ho

In the last two years the homeless in this city has exploded. Being that we live in a temperate climate makes it easy to live outdoors I guess. While I am sympathetic to their plight to a certain degree, I'm just about fed up. I think Mr. Beer from Dope City has been handing out free tickets for the ferry so they can clean up their city before the big Olympics. You owe me a beer dude. You cannot walk downtown anymore. Every ten feet is someone begging for money. Downtown Victoria has a very distinct piss odor. We've heard about this on the news, but they are sugar coating it by saying that it's because bar patrons are leaving the pubs with the express purpose of pissing everywhere. They report it this way because tourism is huge here and they don't want reports of homeless people overrunning the city and pissing and shitting everywhere to get back to the tourists. I work at a place downtown once a week doing maintenance and It never fails I have to clean up dirty needles, shit, piss and all other sorts of crap. They are getting aggressive now that there's so many of them.
A couple of weeks ago the city put in some urinals in a couple of places so the "bar patrons" would have a place to piss and they were excited that the first weekend 300 people used them. They don't even hide anymore while they're shooting up and although I used to shop downtown occasionally, I don't anymore. I wonder what the tourists think? It's a problem Our fair city can't sugarcoat or pretend doesn't exist anymore. Between the homeless and the parking nazis, downtown is el sucko.

Back Home by Willie Nile
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Hometown Band by Valdy
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My mind and senses have been assaulted and barraged since November 1st by Christmas this and that and I am sick to death of it. I heard on the radio today that since today is the day after Thanksgiving in the States, there's like big sales and stuff and people run out and act like idiots for a day, seeing how much they can rack up on their credit cards in one day. I already knew this and during this spot on the news they were saying how one woman rented a U Haul to haul all her loot around in. Yes folks, a candidate for Moron of the Year. People waiting in line for hours for a store to open. More morons. Green Day's American Idiot has been overplayed since it came out so I have to go the other way here. This song actually is very complimentary to Canucks.
Canadian Idiot by Weird Al

And finally My good friend Mr Beer had this to say about my last post.
For me Roxy Roller is on a par with the Undertone's Teenage Kicks so far as perfect rock songs go.
I couldn't agree more with that statement, yet I have a song to add that joins that list. I was reminded of it when homercat's better half was telling me a story about seeing two names in an obituary as surviving some dude who had passed away. It struck her as she was sure I had played her a song with similar words. The names were Rael and Rhiann, I thought holy cow Rael Rean. I told her the song and she said yeah it's a great song and so it is.
Rael Rean by 999
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Well enough is enough, now go enjoy the weekend and don't pee on the street when you leave the bar.

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