Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A New Dawn over America

Today in Music History:

In 1975, David Bowie made his US TV debut performing 'Fame', on the Cher CBS-TV show.
As you all may know by now, yesterday signalled a day of change for America. For some of us a new hope for the future has opened up, for others sadness reigns as the two majority parties no longer exist as one. Of course I speak of the impending divorce of Britney Spears and hot new rap artist KFed. What hope can any of us expect to have if true love such as that can only last for two years. I had a terrific post about Rock n Roll frontmen all lined up, but homercat has been devastated. KFed gave hope to lazy, no account men everywhere that all your dreams could come true by marrying a rich, young female, ensuring a life of slothful, leechiness for the rest of your life. Who could have foreseen that this blessed union would end so suddenly and without no warning whatsoever. Homercat must take a day to recuperate. Meanwhile, Britney in all seriousness, for you to realize finally that you married the sorriest excuse for a homo sapien, well you must be feeling Lucky.

Some of you may well be shocked that such a tune exists on the homercat's playlist, well it was a moment of weakness.

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