Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What the....F***

Today in Music History:

2001 George Harrison dies at the age of 58 after a long battle with cancer.
The beginning of a messSee in my last post I mentioned how moderate the weather was here and how it never snows and itrains a lot. Booyah, man did we get a whole buttload of snow. Shoulda kept me yapper shut. It started snowing Sunday morning. In this pic here it shows the beginning of our snow event from homercat's balcony, around noonish I think. Then around twoish, a transformer across the street exploded and there were live wires in the street. They were hissing and humming and we wuz without the electrics. It finally came back on around 8 that night and we were luckier than most. Some people here on the Island are still without power. When the event was over our fair city lay under a blanket of about 16 inches of snow. Monday morning this was one dead city. The one snowplow we have here was working it's butt off. Since snow is a rarity here, the natives totally freak out when the white stuff makes an appearance.

a different angle of homercat's streetOne things for certain, these folks don't have a friggin clue how to drive it. Lawdy lawdy, what a mess.It can be kind of fun to watch folks who are not used to it try to finagle their way around. To top off everything it got seven below zero and everything was rock solid this morning. I know that don't sound too bad to some of you prairie folk who routinely get those thirty below temps, but we're spoiled out here. Here it is in the pm and the snow is falling again. Music lovers this is highly unusual for these parts. It has reminded homercat just how much he detests these cold and snowy conditions.
bus go slippity slidy
As a result of all this all I can think about is snow. Let's see if we can conjure up some snow themed music. I wanted to steer clear of any Christmassy stuff, and that was hard to do. It seems that if snow is mentioned it turns into a Christmas song. So I threw in cold and winter for good measure.

Snowball in Hell by They Might Be Giants
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Sometimes it Snows in April by Prince
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Let it Snow
by Billy Idol
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Snowman by the Barenaked Ladies
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Snowblind by Ace Frehley
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Song for a Winter's Night by Gordon Lightfoot
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Too Cold At Home by Mark Chestnutt

Maybe some of you could suggest some snow songs that don't have anything to do with Christmas, because I'm drawing a blank. Hope your weather is better than out here.

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