Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Extra Cheese Please

Today in Music History:

In 1970, The Doors played what would be their last ever live show with Jim Morrison when they played in New Orleans.
Back in the seventies, homercat never missed an episode of Saturday Night Live. Everyone has their favorites from that era, but my favorite has to be Bill Murray. His character Nick the lounge singer was his best. I loved the way Murray would get into perfect lounge lizard form. I kinda like that lounge lizard sound. Recently people have been searching Rockin' frantically for Christmas tunes so I can kill two birds here by presenting to you one Richard Cheese, America's loudest lounge singer.

Dick CheeseRichard Cheese presents the perfect mix of music, martini, and madcap. With his swanky swing band, his tiger-striped tuxedo, and his enormous microphone, Cheese sings lounge-style covers of rock/rap hits, turning everyone's favorite songs into traditional pop vocal standards. Just imagine Sinatra singing a Nirvana song, and you've got Dick.

The finger-snapping, liquor-lapping, night-capping crooner first stepped into the spotlight in 2000 with his "LOUNGE AGAINST THE MACHINE" CD. This critically acclaimed album featured "swankified" versions of alternative rock songs, such as Radiohead's CREEP and Limp Bizkit's NOOKIE, all uncensored and all unbelievably Cheesey.

In 2002, Cheese was back in blacktie with his "TUXICITY" CD, an album of alternative, rap, and pop covers, including loungey remakes of Sir Mix-A-Lot's BABY GOT BACK and Van Halen's HOT FOR TEACHER. Dick's popularity grew with sell-out concerts around the U.S.A., appearances on The Opie & Anthony Show and The Howard Stern show, Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends Morning Show," and a regular gig as the Vegas house band on NBC's "Last Call With Carson Daly" show.

Cheese returned in 2004 with his "I'D LIKE A VIRGIN" CD, an intuxicating collection of "loungified" covers of Snoop Dogg's GIN & JUICE, Coldplay's YELLOW, and Michael Jackson's BEAT IT accompanied by a children's choir. That same year, Dick appeared on ABC-TV's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and his cheesey version of Disturbed's song DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS was featured in the Universal Motion picture "Dawn Of The Dead."

In 2005, Dick released his fourth album, "APERITIF FOR DESTRUCTION," an all-new CD of kooky covers for lounge lovers. This 18-track record includes Vegas versions of songs originally by Guns 'N' Roses, U2, Black Eyed Peas, The Beastie Boys, Alanis Morissette, Metallica, Alice In Chains, Slipknot, and many more. From 2 Live Crew's ME SO HORNY to Green Day's AMERICAN IDIOT, Cheese served up another "fromage homage" to the hottest hits in music.

RC also released a greatest hits CD, "THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE MOON: THE BEST OF RICHARD CHEESE," featuring 10 all-new recordings plus 8 of Dick's cheesiest favorites. The album boasted newly re-recorded 2006 versions of Cheese classics RAPE ME, CLOSER, CREEP, NOOKIE, COME OUT AND PLAY, and FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT! Backed by a big band and a bigger sound, this was the biggest Dick yet!

Now, Cheese is back with his sixth CD, "SILENT NIGHTCLUB," a collection of happenin' holiday hits just in time for Christmas. This all-new album, released by Surfdog Records, includes 14 spirited covers of songs like HOLIDAY IN CAMBODIA, DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS, PERSONAL JESUS, I MELT WITH YOU, LIKE A VIRGIN, NAUGHTY GIRL, IMAGINE and ICE ICE BABY. Plus, Richard Cheese has written and recorded an all-new original song called CHRISTMAS IN LAS VEGAS, destined to be a Christmas classic!

The line-up of the band consists of:

* Richard Cheese: vocals
* Gordon Brie: double bass
* Buddy Gouda/Frank Feta: drums
* Bobby Ricotta: keyboards

The names are all pseudonyms, and new band members adopt the pseudonym of the player they replace. The only constant band member is Cheese himself, who is really a Los Angeles-based comedian and entrepreneur named Mark Jonathan Davis. When the drummer Buddy Gouda (Charles Byler) left the band in 2004, he was replaced by Brian Fishler who changed the stagename for the drummer to Frank Feta. The role of pianist and musical director Bobby Ricotta is currently played by Noel Melanio, but was previously played by David Adler. The role of bass player Gordon Brie is played by Louis Allen, and was previously portrayed by Christopher Monaco.

Cheese's pseudonym is a slang reference to smegma, as Richard can be shortened to Dick, making his name "dick cheese".

Now, after six CDs, a dozen tours, a hundred concerts, and a million martinis, Richard Cheese has earned a prominent place in that prestigious pantheon of lounge legends:
Frank ... Sammy ... Dean .......... and Dick.

Not only are these tunes swanky and loungey, they are incredibly good also. Some of them are downright hilarious covers and extremely well done. For example, one would never think of the Dead Kennedy's Holiday in Cambodia as a Christmas song, yet Cheese makes it work and it sounds like a natural Xmas tune. So I will serve up a few examples of Cheese including a few off of his new Christmas album for your listening pleasure. Homercat recommends you track down some of his discs and get to buying.

Closer (NIN cover)
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Me So Horny (Two Live Crew cover)
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Rock the Casbah (the Clash cover)
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Christmas tunes

Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedys)
Christmas in Las Vegas (original)
The Trees (Rush)
Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice)
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