Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happy Holidays

Today in Music History:

Born on this day in 1949, Cliff Williams, bass player for AC/DC (he replaced Mark Evans in 1977).
Billy IdolJohnny Rotten once dubbed Billy Idol "the Perry Como of punk", but surely he can't have suspected that 1977's Gen Xer would one day record a Christmas album. Even more bizarre than swapping White Wedding for White Christmas, Sir William has traded in his Rebel Yell for a faux Bing Crosby croon. During Frosty the Snowman and other festive staples awash with unfortunate druggy double entendres, he struggles to keep a straight face. Admittedly, this may be because the album was recorded in a Los Angeles heatwave. Clearly Billy Idol just loves Christmas. So much so that he avoided the beaches this summer, bunkered down in the studio, festooned the mixing desk with tinsel and put his tree up. Billy is almost in lounge lizard mode here, almost as cheesey as Dick Cheese. In 2005 Billy served up the best album of his career as well as the best album of the year with Devil's Playground. It featured an awesome, rockin' Christmas tune called Yellin' at the Christmas Tree(Santa’s balls are jingling, Mommy’s hips a-wiggling). Why he felt he needed to record an album of Christmas favorites, I'll never know. Maybe it's a secret requirement of all musical artists that they must record a Christmas album sometime in their career.

There's an undeniably surreal appeal to Idol's Silent Night, the bonkers narratives ("Hello, this is Billy Idol") and a sherry-sodden Auld Lang Syne. The music doesn't stray from their original versions which is ok. Personally I tend to get sick and tired of the same old Christmas songs being recorded over and over again. Let's write some new ones. Be that as it may, you bold adventureous Idol fans may want to hunt down a copy of Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays by Billy Idol 2006
Silent Night
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Blue Christmas (rs)
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Devil's Playground
Yellin' at the Xmas Tree
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Bill has even done a few cheesey videos for his Xmas album. Head over to you tube to catch Jingle Bell Rock which is almost funny and frightening at the same time.

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