Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tim Curry

Today in Music History:

In 1969 The Beatles make their last performance as a group on the roof of the Apple building during the filming of 'Let It Be'.
Tim CurryAs talented an individual as Tim Curry is, he will forever be best known as Dr. Frank N Furter of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. His list of roles in both TV and movies, live-action and voice-acting for animated features, is lengthy and amazing. It is notable that he almost always plays a villain of one kind or another. My personal favorite is his voicing of Nigel Thornberry from the animated series The Wild Thornberries. Masterful work. For many years, Curry was reluctant to talk about Rocky Horror, feeling that it was a trend that had gone too far and had distracted attention away from his later work. A VH1 Pop-Up Video Halloween special even quoted Curry as saying he grew so unnerved by all the fan attention after this role that he became "chubby and plain" in order to escape it. Since then I think he has come to terms with his part in the cult hit and embraces his role he played in it.

I can understand his wanting to be recognized for his other work. After all he has been nominated for three Tony awards for his work on stage. Mostly overlooked perhaps is his work as a solo artist in the late seventies and early eighties. Between 78 and 81 Curry released three solo albums on A&M records. The most successful of these being the second one, Fearless. Two songs from this album charted in the US. The biggest charter being I Do the Rock, which garnered heavy rotation in the fledgling days of MTV and also putting him in the one hit wonder category. Maybe unfair considering the body of work that Curry has done over the years. Maybe not musically but in all forms of the entertainment business. Undoubtedly he will be forever linked in our minds as that guy from Rocky Horror. After all, who can forget the first time you went to see Rocky Horror at your local midnight movie showing. For myself I recognize that there is more to Tim Curry than Frank N Furter to see him perform, be it in a movie, stage or a voice in an animated adventure.

Unfortunately Tim Curry's solo stuff is now out of print. In 1989 a best of CD set was released by A&M and is a hard one to come by. In case you missed it homercat will give you a gander at a couple tracks from this album. The classic I Do the Rock which everyone should have on their play list and a previously unreleased live version of Dylan's Simple Twist of Fate which is incredible. Grab it if you can find it.

I Do the Rock
by Tim Curry
Simple Twist of Fate by Tim Curry
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