Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rare Buffett

Today in Music History:

In 1976, All four members of Kiss had their footprints implanted on the pavement outside Grumman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.
Weather on the island is for the most part pretty good all year round. We rarely get snow and the temps stay pretty decent even allowing for flowers to grow in the winter. Yet what we lack in snow or cold we more than make up for with gray, wet, rainy days. Day after day. Last Friday it warmed up nicely and the sun was shining and I had spring on the mind. Which caused me to dig out the Buffett CD's and crack open a Travis McGee, salvage consultant, novel. All in an effort to jump start spring and get it here quicker. Although that nice sunny day was short lived and we are back into the gray and wet, the buffet is still coursing through the cat's thirsty ears.

So I got to thinking, Jimmy Buffett probably has more "official" live albums than any other artist out there. A bit of overkill yet the concerts are legendary. Over the years homercat has acquired many Buffett tracks that have appeared on soundtracks and other albums but not on any of his albums. Many of these are out of print or just plain hard to find. So in a sense these are Buffett rarities, yet any die hard fan probably has these in his collection. I have had some email requests in the past for some of these and know a couple folks who may be interested in them. So here goes.

This tune comes from the Arachnophobia soundtrack.
Don't Bug Me by Jimmy Buffett

Even though you may be a Buffett fan maybe you couldn't bring yourself to splurge for the Box set, Boats Beaches Bars and Ballads, Which these two tunes are only available on.
Elvis Imitators
Take It Back

This track comes from the soundtrack for The Great Outdoors with Dan Aykroyd and John Candy.
Turning Around(As many of you pointed out in the comments, this song actually comes from the movie Summer Rental with John Candy. I stand corrected. Also this is one the hardest tracks to find in the Buffett universe)

From Elmopalooza this is a great duet with Jimmy Buffett and Kermit the Frog. Excellent track.
Carribbean Amphibian

Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a classic 80's movie with a great soundtrack as well. This is also known as Spicoli's theme
I Don't Know

In 1980 the movie Urban Cowboy had drunk people in bars across the country wanting to try and crush their genitals on those mechanical bull thingies. Jimmy also had a song on the soundtrack.
Hello Texas

This track is taken from the 1999 millennium concert and is a stones cover
You Can't Always Get What You Want (rs)

Finally these last three tunes come from a series of Margaritaville Cafe albums. Three that I know of which feature various artists including Jimmy himself. They are all quite good and deliver a great sampling of different artists.
Another Saturday Night
No Woman, No Cry (with Club Trini)

These tracks won't be up long so get crackin'.

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