Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bad Romance

Today in Music History:

In 1972 Isaac Hayes wins an Academy Award for "Theme from ‘Shaft,’" making him the first African-American composer to be so honored. It also won two Grammys, a Golden Globe award and the NAACP Image Award.
Joanna DeanFor some folks this entry into Good Rockin' may sound familiar. I have long sung the praises of Joanna Dean, rock n roll goddess. If you've never heard her you'll be floored at the raspy,gritty,soulful power of her voice. Joanna Dean released her first album in 1988 called Misbehavin', which is very hard to find now and is a killer album. I posted it on this site a while back and had some great feedback about that particular album. Joanna Dean is a rare talent that most people will never have the pleasure of knowing. Not since the likes of Janis Joplin, has there been a singer that put as much of her soul in a song. With only two albums to her credit it is impossible to compare her to Janis, but she is close.

For Joanna's 1991 second album, Code of Honor, she put together a band called Bad Romance. The album touches on issues such as alcoholism and suicide and has a rather somber tone. The sound on the "Code of Honor" album was more pure rock n' roll than her debut album. However, Joanna's voice is bluesy so it still had her sound. One tune, a cover of "Love Hurts," was recorded as a duet with Tom Kiefer of Cinderella. Don't let the dark somber tone fool you. This album is categorized as heavy metal and from the opening track it packs a helluva punch. The album received much more press than her first album, including full-page ads in METAL EDGE magazine. The couple reviews I saw of the album were excellent. But unfortunately, the album went pretty much un-noticed....much like her first one. Another toughie to find. If you liked the other stuff I put up here from Joanna, you're gonna love this. These two tracks are the first two cuts from her second album. Joanna where are you now? Please come back and rock us again.

Up and Coming by Bad Romance
The House of My Father by Bad Romance

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