Friday, March 02, 2007

Goth Metalists

Today in Music History:

In 1988 the album 'Jazz from Hell' wins Frank Zappa a Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental. Even though it was an instrumental album with no lyrics it receives a parental advisory sticker.
Type O NegativeHomercat is going to try out some of the new blogger features for customizing and the site may go through some strangeness in upcoming days. In an efort to may things easier for guests of this page. In the meantime, for the most part I'm not much a goth metal person. Most of it seems to be gloom and doom and dronus maximus lameus. For some reason though I thoroughly enjoy the goth metal band Type O Negative. Type O Negative is a gothic doom metal band from Brooklyn, New York. The band is well known for their dry, morbid and self-ironic sense of humour and their often slow and brooding music. Homercat has been spinning their discs quite frequently for the last couple of weeks. It's odd that I find them quite relaxing. With their Beatlesque pop melodies wallowing in goth clichés like sex, death, Christianity, vampires, more sex, and death. Lead singer Peter Steele sings most of the stuff in an intentional vampiric croon straight from the bottom of an old wooden coffin. This is a band that you either like or hate, not much middle ground. Homercat digs it and you might dig these tunes as they're quite gothy.

Summer Breeze by Type O Negative
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My Girlfriends Girlfriend by Type O Negative
Love You to Death by Type O Negative (RS)
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