Thursday, March 08, 2007


Today in Music History:

In 1993 MTV debuts "Beavis and Butt-Head," an original animated series starring two suburban misfits.
TorontoToronto, not the city but the band formed in the late 70's and had several moderate hits through the time that they had their run till around 1985. Fronted by singer Holly Woods, the band consistently went through line up changes. A native of Durham, North Carolina, Anne Woods moved to Ontario as a teen and began singing in bars and lounges almost as soon as she was of legal age. Soon she started going by Holly Woods. Toronto formed in the late 1970s in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, when singer Annie "Holly" Woods met guitarist Brian Allen.

Their third album spawned what would be their biggest and most recognizable hit with Your Daddy Don't Know, which was later covered by The New Pornographers on the film soundtrack FUBAR: The Album. In a little twist of what could have brought Toronto international fame, the song "What About Love" was originally recorded by Toronto, having been written by band members Sheron Alton and Brian Allen along with outside collaborator Jim Vallance. The band elected not to release this recording, and the difficulty Allen and Alton faced in getting this and other material onto Toronto's albums eventually led to their departure from the group. In 1985, the song was offered to Heart, who turned "What About Love" into an international top 10 hit. Toronto's version was eventually released in 2002, as a bonus track on various CD resissues of their albums. I bet all of them were slapping themselves silly when Heart turned one of their reject songs into a smash hit.

Toronto's sound has been compared to Pat Benatar and Heart and there is no doubt that Holly Woods has a set of pipes on her. The music is definitely all eighties though and may sound a bit dated, but songs like Your Daddy Don't Know or Girls Night Out are definitely guilty pleasures. In case you may be unfamiliar with this Canadian band or just want to revisit them I've put up a few tracks for your enjoyment. Good luck if you're trying to track down any of their albums even though there have been reissues I've never been able to locate them.

Your Daddy Don't Know by Toronto
Girl's Night Out by Toronto
New Romance by Toronto

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