Friday, April 27, 2007

Homercat Presents:

Today in Music History:

In 1976, customs officers on a train at the Russian/Polish Border detained David Bowie, after Nazi books and mementoes were found in his luggage.

Homercat Presents:
Yesterday I was doing a project for the OleLadyCat. Seems she has a poker night this coming Monday and she wanted a kick ass compilation CD to play while she is participating in the tourney. Those tax accountants sure know how to party. She had a couple requests and left it up to me to pick the rest of the tunes. Since everyone is going to hear it she wanted it to be doubleplus good. As homercat's work progressed I became delighted with what I was putting together. When I finally burned the disc and gave it the test run listen, I went Meee-owww, this here disc is a corker and one my readers must have as their own.

For a limited time Homercat is pleased to present This CD Freakin' Rocks, Vol 1. Topping out at 23 tracks, all of these tracks fit nicely on one Disc and runs the gamut on all tracks of the spectrum. Balls out rockers, dance tunes, a ballad, one hit wonders and all the music on this disc has a great party atmosphere, with most songs being great sing a longs. In fact the disc was so good that I listened to it several times yesterday. Knowing that you guys would love it, homercat created some artwork to go along with the package so when you make a copy you can print covers and such. Depending on the reaction from you folks I may create a 10 Volume series to offer up down the road. So give it a whirl and let me know what you think. Act quickly before the trolls pounce. There are 2 files and each one can be opened separately for your perusing pleasure. The tunes have a bitrate of 192 kbps.



Tracks 1-13
Tracks 14-23

Each and every one of you have a great weekend eh!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Today in Music History:

In 1979 the Allan Arkush-directed 'Rock ‘n’ Roll High School,' featuring the Ramones on the soundtrack and in the movie, premieres in Los Angeles.
NazarethHad a bit of a mini vacation last week, all freshened up and ready to rock again. Last week the radio announced that Nazareth will be playing in town on July 5 at a very small venue, a bar type place. In addition the opening act will be the Headpins, who I have raved about their New Year's Eve performance. Wow, I saw Nazareth way back in the old days. It was on the same tour that their 'SNAZ live album was recorded. 80 or 81 if I'm not mistaken, it was a gooder and the cat managed to be right in the front row of a mass of people. The Scottish boys kicked ass in a big way. One might say that these guys are old as dirt, yet they are still rockin' and rollin'. From 1970 to 1980 Nazareth released 11 studio albums. Most of them are definite classics that no one should be without. Hair of the Dog, No Mean City, Expect No Mercy, and Razamanaz just to name a few. With so many classics from the seventies it's easy to overlook their catalog from 1982 to the present. Maybe some of you younger cats didn't even know they were still recording. In fact during the terrible grunge age of the nineties, Naz released two of their finest albums with No Jive and Boogaloo. While the rest of the world was trying to sound like Pearl Jam and Nirvana, Nazareth still sounded like Nazareth, only better.

Up until 1990 the band remained unchanged, but in May of that year guitarist Manny Charlton left to pursue other projects and eventually Jimmy Murrison took over guitar duties. In 1998 when Boogaloo was released, the critics were raving about the album and the band went on tour to support the album. Then tragedy struck, On April 30, 1999 founding member and drummer Darrell Sweet died suddenly from a major heart attack.

The band had just arrived at the venue for the first show of their Boogaloo Tour when Darrell fell ill. As Darrell stepped off the bus with paramedics - he collapsed and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Naturally the tour was canceled. After several band meetings, it was decided that Darrell would have wanted them to continue on.

In fine tribute to Darrell, the band selected Lee Agnew, bassist Pete Agnew's eldest son, to fill the drumming duties for Nazareth. Lee was a natural choice as he is a very talented and accomplished drummer, already knew the music, learned tips from Darrell and he knew all the guys already. They are touring North America this summer and will be back in the studio in September to work on their next album. Yes Dan and Pete are older, but that isn't slowing them down. So with thoughts of a forthcoming Nazareth concert, homercat thought that he'd showcase some of their less known stuff.

Back to the Trenches by Nazareth
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Backroom Boys by Nazareth
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Donna, Get Off That Crack by Nazareth
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Keeping Our Love Alive by Nazareth
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Burning Down by Nazareth
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Waiting by Nazareth
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Today in Music History:

In 1956, Travelling from Amarillo to Nashville, the plane that Elvis Presley was flying on developed engine trouble and was forced to make an emergency landing. The incident created a fear of flying for Presley.
The Flirts were a white, female trio from New York who had several dance hits and music videos on MTV in the early eighties when the channel was still a wee tot. The menudo-esque female trio are best known for releasing quirky and/or sensual New Wave, Hi-NRG and Dance-pop tunes, one of which was their 1982 hit "Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)" from their debut album "10 Cents A Dance"'. I say Menudo-like because they were a creation devised by Hi-NRG mogul Bobby Orlando. This bubbly female trio sang his songs while he performed most of the instrumentation and kept the girls on the album sleeves looking young. Thus every album had a different line up of cutesy women. But who cares, the tunes were infectious, very hard not to like even if you tried. I'll focus on the first incarnation of girls that you see in the picture, Andrea, Rebecca & Holly. Their first album is chock full of eighties new wave goodness.

On The Beach
by The Flirts
Jukebox (Don't put Another Dime) by The Flirts
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Monday, April 09, 2007

Osmonds Kick Ass

Today in Music History:

In 1974 The Jackson 5 open an engagement at Las Vegas's MGM Grand Hotel. In addition to the five brothers, siblings Janet, LaToya and Randy appear on the bill—a sign of the family talent and solo careers and weirdness yet to come.
I scream to the world now, this album should see the light of day. It should be remastered and heralded as the pop rock classic that it is. It is in my top 20 albums of all time and it should be in yours. Normally I would give you a sample and encourage you to buy the album. But this album doesn't exist anymore in the eyes of the RIAA, so how could you ever buy it? I would be first in line to buy it, even though I have a decent vinyl rip available. Sure it has the occasional click and pop that vinyl enthusiasts love to hear.

i'm telling you that The Osmonds Phase III album is in my top 20 of the best of all time. By this time the bubblegum boys were playing their own instruments, writing their own material, producing and having total creative control over their stuff, doing all of this in their newly built recording studio. A feat their counterparts the Jackson 5 could not. Still relying on outside writing and musicians the Jackson 5 seemed liked another motown factory band.

This album opens with the classic, Down by the Lazy River and never lets up. The second track is one of my all time favorite songs. Ballads, rockers, even a Christian song that beats the hell out of most rockers today. The classic Yo-yo and the uber hard to find Jay Osmond penned, My Drum. Best Osmond album, and one of the best albums of the past 40 years. Also I don't give a flip what anyone says, those white jump suits, amazing harmonies,lovely ballads and rock my ass off songs that can't be beat, still rock my world.

You want the album? You'll never find it anywhere except here right now for a limited time.
After over 30 years this album is now available on CD for the first time ever!!!

Here's the Link for the album.
Phase III

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PS Grindhouse is one of the best movies I have ever seen. AMAZING, go see it.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

They Weren't the Beatles eh!

Today in Music History:

In 1964 the top five slots on the 'Billboard' chart are held by the Beatles, a feat never before or since matched.

Klaatu is the central character of the 1951 science fiction film The Day The Earth Stood Still, but KIaatu is also the name of a Canadian rock group from the seventies. In the movie,Klaatu thought that peace and silence were eloquent enough to speak for themselves. In the music world, the rock group, Klaatu, was naive enough to think that their music would speak for itself so they remained anonymous. No writing credits, other than "Klaatu" were given on their early recordings. No biographical information was furnished to the record company that signed them and the group made no public appearances.
The band's first album, self-titled in the United States, but titled 3:47 EST in Canada (after the exact time the spaceship in The Day The Earth Stood Still landed in Washington) begins with the song, "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem of World Contact Day)," which was covered a year later by The Carpenters. The album is a well-crafted, multi-layered rock album with Beatle-esque harmonies, a McCartney-type bass line, and a strong, Ringo-like, boom-pa-pa-boom beat.

In 1977 Steve Smith, a writer for the Providence Journal in Rhode Island, wrote an article titled "Could Klaatu Be the Beatles? Mystery Is a Magical Mystery Tour." The article began the rumor that Klaatu was "more than likely either in part or in whole the Beatles." These conjectures, fueled by a series of articles in trade magazines like Billboard created a huge amount of hype and Capitol did nothing to deny or confirm the rumors. Throughout 1977, record sales soared and radio stations ran "Is Klaatu the Beatles?" promotions.

At this time Klaatu was in England recording the follow-up album Hope With the London Symphony Orchestra. Upon returning to Canada, the band delivered their finished master tape to Capitol Records who wanted to milk the rumour a while longer and delayed the album's release. Neither Klaatu nor Capitol would deny or endorse the theory causing Rolling Stone magazine to declare them 1977's "HYPE OF THE YEAR". This allowed the band another two months to remix the symphony segments which they weren't happy with. Hope was the first album by Capitol Records to ever receive worldwide simultaneous release - an achievement the Beatles never attained. Meanwhile, some curious individuals visited the U.S. Library of Congress and researched the copyright on the songs. After seeing registrations for three unknown Canadians, the "KLAATU is THE BEATLES" charade was over, it wasn't the Beatles after all, it was Terry Draper (songwriter, vocalist, drummer), John Woloschuck, and Dee Long. Immediately, their record sales declined, and due to a backlash generated by the Beatles hoax their four subsequent albums went largely unnoticed and the group called it quits in 1981.

The amount of clues that people found on the album that supposedly pointed to the Beatles was amazing. They were looking hard and reading way to much in some of these clues, desperately wanting the rumour to be true. Scrounging across the web I have picked out a bunch that have been listed on several sites.
# 1. The record was on Capitol records, the American record company that had released most of the Beatles' records in the US.
# 2. The record had no names of band members listed on it anywhere.
# 3. The record had no producer name on it anywhere. It simply said, "Produced by Klaatu."
# 4. The record had no songwriter credits other than simply, "All selections composed by Klaatu."
# 5. The record has a mysterious publisher listed. It says, "All selections published by Klaatu ASCAP/CAPAC." (The US re-issue in 1981 says the songs are published by Welbeck Music Corp/ASCAP and MCA Music/ASCAP)
# 6. CAPAC (see clue number 5) is the Canadian equivalent of America's ASCAP and Britain's BMI and John Lennon had recently been rumored to be moving to Toronto Canada since the US was trying to deport him.
# 7. The record had no pictures of band members on it anywhere.
# 8. On a couple of songs (Calling Occupants, Sub-Rosa Subway) the vocals sound like Paul McCartney & John Lennon.
# 9. The name Klaatu is taken from the movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still" in which the alien named Klaatu tells his robot Gort to stop hurting people with the command, "Klaatu barada niktu!" On Ringo Starr's Goodnight Vienna album Ringo is seen coming out of the spaceship from that movie and is standing next to Gort.
# 10. The song title, Sub-Rosa Subway was thought to be a take off on Paul's Red Rose Speedway.
# 11. In Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III there is the line, "he's the only man who's ever been to hell and come back alive." Some people thought that this was a reference to the Paul is Dead rumor which states that Paul died in 1966 in a car crash and was replaced with a look-alike making it seem like he had come back alive.
# 12. While there are 8 trees pictured right at the very bottom of the front cover of the band's first album, only 7 have their roots showing. There are 7 letters in the name Beatles.
# 13. On the back cover of the first album is a two colored planet. Some took this to be an allusion to Paul's album, "Venus and Mars".
# 14. On Abbey Road the Beatles sing about the "Sun King". The Klaatu album covers all have a picture of the sun on them.

And these are only a few. People had conjured up a whole rat's nest of clues, with some of them being pretty far fetched. Now with all that hype, the fact remains that the first two Klaatu albums, 3:47 EST and Hope are pretty darn good and should belong in every one's collection. The first track here actually started out as Hanus of Uranus in 1973. By the time the first album was released it became Anus of Uranus.

Anus of Uranus
by Klaatu
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We're Off You Know by Klaatu
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Sell Out, Sell Out by Klaatu
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