Friday, April 27, 2007

Homercat Presents:

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In 1976, customs officers on a train at the Russian/Polish Border detained David Bowie, after Nazi books and mementoes were found in his luggage.

Homercat Presents:
Yesterday I was doing a project for the OleLadyCat. Seems she has a poker night this coming Monday and she wanted a kick ass compilation CD to play while she is participating in the tourney. Those tax accountants sure know how to party. She had a couple requests and left it up to me to pick the rest of the tunes. Since everyone is going to hear it she wanted it to be doubleplus good. As homercat's work progressed I became delighted with what I was putting together. When I finally burned the disc and gave it the test run listen, I went Meee-owww, this here disc is a corker and one my readers must have as their own.

For a limited time Homercat is pleased to present This CD Freakin' Rocks, Vol 1. Topping out at 23 tracks, all of these tracks fit nicely on one Disc and runs the gamut on all tracks of the spectrum. Balls out rockers, dance tunes, a ballad, one hit wonders and all the music on this disc has a great party atmosphere, with most songs being great sing a longs. In fact the disc was so good that I listened to it several times yesterday. Knowing that you guys would love it, homercat created some artwork to go along with the package so when you make a copy you can print covers and such. Depending on the reaction from you folks I may create a 10 Volume series to offer up down the road. So give it a whirl and let me know what you think. Act quickly before the trolls pounce. There are 2 files and each one can be opened separately for your perusing pleasure. The tunes have a bitrate of 192 kbps.



Tracks 1-13
Tracks 14-23

Each and every one of you have a great weekend eh!

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