Monday, April 09, 2007

Osmonds Kick Ass

Today in Music History:

In 1974 The Jackson 5 open an engagement at Las Vegas's MGM Grand Hotel. In addition to the five brothers, siblings Janet, LaToya and Randy appear on the bill—a sign of the family talent and solo careers and weirdness yet to come.
I scream to the world now, this album should see the light of day. It should be remastered and heralded as the pop rock classic that it is. It is in my top 20 albums of all time and it should be in yours. Normally I would give you a sample and encourage you to buy the album. But this album doesn't exist anymore in the eyes of the RIAA, so how could you ever buy it? I would be first in line to buy it, even though I have a decent vinyl rip available. Sure it has the occasional click and pop that vinyl enthusiasts love to hear.

i'm telling you that The Osmonds Phase III album is in my top 20 of the best of all time. By this time the bubblegum boys were playing their own instruments, writing their own material, producing and having total creative control over their stuff, doing all of this in their newly built recording studio. A feat their counterparts the Jackson 5 could not. Still relying on outside writing and musicians the Jackson 5 seemed liked another motown factory band.

This album opens with the classic, Down by the Lazy River and never lets up. The second track is one of my all time favorite songs. Ballads, rockers, even a Christian song that beats the hell out of most rockers today. The classic Yo-yo and the uber hard to find Jay Osmond penned, My Drum. Best Osmond album, and one of the best albums of the past 40 years. Also I don't give a flip what anyone says, those white jump suits, amazing harmonies,lovely ballads and rock my ass off songs that can't be beat, still rock my world.

You want the album? You'll never find it anywhere except here right now for a limited time.
After over 30 years this album is now available on CD for the first time ever!!!

Here's the Link for the album.
Phase III

Funny Toon

PS Grindhouse is one of the best movies I have ever seen. AMAZING, go see it.


Freak said...

AMEN, my friend! I am a former professional drummer and The Osmonds: Phase III album is still one of my favorite & most influencial rock/pop albums of all time. Business, He's the Light Of Th World, My Drum, Rest Of My Life, and Don't Panic alll still kick SERIOUS tail!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Osmonds messed up their image (and actually permanently drove away many of their original fans; myself included) by trying to be everything to everyone, and by allowing their mama to rule the very essence of their minds ("Mom wants us to let EVERYONE in our ENTIRE genetic pool into our band! Move over. Let's make room!) But the original band ...the five Osmond brothers in Phase III and Crazy Horses could, and SHOULD have been one of the most highly regarded rock groups of all time. Those two albums not only have almost no filler, but the vibe is entirely unique. Maybe it's Merrill Osmond's voice, or something. Whatever it was, they had the alchemy to create the magic, and they threw it all away on "Donny and Marie" pap.

The story of The Osmonds is a living testament to the fact the the Mormon mandated over-emphasis on the wonders of "family life" can actually destroy the soul.

Anonymous said...

Phase III was my first LP as an 11 year old girl. I still remember the feelings of amazement as each song came on the first time I listened to it. I must have worn out 3 styluses on this album alone. I loved the kick ass songs on Crazy Horses and The Plan too. I found both of the previous comments meaningful,especially about how art can be affected by being boxed in. I recently saw an interview with the brothers and Wayne said moving away from rock and from songwriting was his biggest regret. (It was at their father's insistence.) At any rate--great insights.