Wednesday, April 25, 2007


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In 1979 the Allan Arkush-directed 'Rock ‘n’ Roll High School,' featuring the Ramones on the soundtrack and in the movie, premieres in Los Angeles.
NazarethHad a bit of a mini vacation last week, all freshened up and ready to rock again. Last week the radio announced that Nazareth will be playing in town on July 5 at a very small venue, a bar type place. In addition the opening act will be the Headpins, who I have raved about their New Year's Eve performance. Wow, I saw Nazareth way back in the old days. It was on the same tour that their 'SNAZ live album was recorded. 80 or 81 if I'm not mistaken, it was a gooder and the cat managed to be right in the front row of a mass of people. The Scottish boys kicked ass in a big way. One might say that these guys are old as dirt, yet they are still rockin' and rollin'. From 1970 to 1980 Nazareth released 11 studio albums. Most of them are definite classics that no one should be without. Hair of the Dog, No Mean City, Expect No Mercy, and Razamanaz just to name a few. With so many classics from the seventies it's easy to overlook their catalog from 1982 to the present. Maybe some of you younger cats didn't even know they were still recording. In fact during the terrible grunge age of the nineties, Naz released two of their finest albums with No Jive and Boogaloo. While the rest of the world was trying to sound like Pearl Jam and Nirvana, Nazareth still sounded like Nazareth, only better.

Up until 1990 the band remained unchanged, but in May of that year guitarist Manny Charlton left to pursue other projects and eventually Jimmy Murrison took over guitar duties. In 1998 when Boogaloo was released, the critics were raving about the album and the band went on tour to support the album. Then tragedy struck, On April 30, 1999 founding member and drummer Darrell Sweet died suddenly from a major heart attack.

The band had just arrived at the venue for the first show of their Boogaloo Tour when Darrell fell ill. As Darrell stepped off the bus with paramedics - he collapsed and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Naturally the tour was canceled. After several band meetings, it was decided that Darrell would have wanted them to continue on.

In fine tribute to Darrell, the band selected Lee Agnew, bassist Pete Agnew's eldest son, to fill the drumming duties for Nazareth. Lee was a natural choice as he is a very talented and accomplished drummer, already knew the music, learned tips from Darrell and he knew all the guys already. They are touring North America this summer and will be back in the studio in September to work on their next album. Yes Dan and Pete are older, but that isn't slowing them down. So with thoughts of a forthcoming Nazareth concert, homercat thought that he'd showcase some of their less known stuff.

Back to the Trenches by Nazareth
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Backroom Boys by Nazareth
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Donna, Get Off That Crack by Nazareth
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Keeping Our Love Alive by Nazareth
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Burning Down by Nazareth
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Waiting by Nazareth
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