Friday, June 29, 2007

Strictly Canadian

Happy Canada DayToday homercat sez it's all about Canada. Canada's birthday is this sunday, and thus homercat is going to be on a mini vacation which is gearing up right about now. Before I depart for Canada Day celebrations I post up these here Canadian ditties. Have a good one all.

Clearest Indication by Great Big Sea

Tin Soldier by Streetheart

We Are the Beaver by The Arrogant Worms

Canadian Railroad Trilogy by Gordon Lightfoot

Red Rover by Big Sugar

Voodoo Thing by Colin James

Young and Restless by Prism

You Feel the Same Way Too by The Rankins

Making it Work by Doug and the Slugs

In View by The Tragically Hip

Wow after all that, I just didn't have any room for Rush. Oh well everyone knows who Rush is, hopefully one of these tunes will be one our southern neighbor hasn't had the pleasure of hearing. HAPPY CANADA DAY!

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