Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ode to a MetalHead

Last week homercat stated that he was back from his mini vacation and I had plans to write a couple posts and obviously that idea got derailed. Soon after I had written my review of the Nazareth concert, I received word that a friend of ours had been found dead along the shoreline of the island. It was not immediately evident what had happened, although the police had ruled out foul play. Al was not a close friend, but a good friend nevertheless. So it came as a real shock to us, especially since the last time we had spent any time together was at the Nazareth concert. In fact the last time I talked to him was towards the end of the concert around last call, as I was working my way back with our last two brews I ran into him and we chatted it up and I razzed him about how much he was sweating and he says that's why I need a drink of your beer. So we shared a beer and I said talk to ya later and that was the last time I saw him.

He was the consummate headbanger with hard metal being his music of choice. His favorite band was Iron Maiden. He had introduced me to many hardcore metal bands that I had never heard of before. They were so hardcore that for the most part they were unlistenable to me.

We all have had death touch us in some way. It is something we live with and we all have to go through. In this case it has been different for me. Towards the end of last week they finally determined that our friend had committed suicide. It isn't important how they know that for sure. I have never known anyone who actually chose to end his life and thus here at the homercat household we have been haunted by it. The last time we saw him you would never have thought that he was having problems. Many thoughts go round and round in your head. How does one decide to simply walk into the ocean and end it all at a young 38 years of age, is there anything I could have said or done the last time I saw him that would have changed his decision and how could we have missed the signs? He had many, many friends that cared for him and you just wonder why? So we deal with it the best we can and life goes on for the rest of us. For my friend,a couple of his favorite bands. I hope he found what he was looking for and is at peace.

Different World by Iron Maiden

Never Walk Alone...A Call to Arms by Megadeth