Tuesday, July 10, 2007

That's what I Call Rock n Roll

Today in Music History:

1965, The Rolling Stones started a four week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction', the groups first US No.1. Some US stations cut out the last verse believing it referred to women's 'time of the month'.

During homercat's mini vacation he had the pleasure of attending a kick ass concert last Thursday night. Curiously it was held at the curling club, a venue I had never been to and was unsure what it would be like. The headliners were Nazareth with the Headpins opening the bill. One might immediately assume that attendees were in the over forty, greying mullet and ponytail types. To be sure there were many concert T shirt, beer soaked beer guts in the crowd. Yours truly included. Yet there were many under 30's there also. Wanting a chance to see bona fide legends perform. Admittedly Naz is down to only two original members. Original drummer Darrell Sweet passed away back in 98. Although the new drummer is bassist Pete Agnew's son, keeping it in the family so to speak. The place was standing room only.

The Headpins opened with an hour plus blistering set, which left no doubt in anyone's mind that Darby Mills may just be the sexiest headbangin' female on the planet. No doubt in my mind. Even the gals in attendance were of the same mind set, Darby was a goddess. The price we paid for tickets was incredibly cheap and would have been just fine to see the Headpins. I was lucky enough inch my way to the front of the stage and proceeded to get my head blown away.

In between sets we headed for the mile long beer line which actually moved quite quickly considering the crowd. Having got our two beers a piece, we headed for the standing room only outdoor smoking cage. The logistics of lighting a smoke was a nightmare but mission accomplished and once again pushed our way to the front of the stage. As the strains of a bagpipe solo played, Nazareth took the stage and proceeded to rock harder than any group I have ever seen. You would think that with the way Dan McCafferty sings, his voice would be nearly wrecked after all these years. Not the case, in fact it was more powerful and better sounding than ever. I saw these guys 25 years ago in their heyday with all the original members and that show paled in comparison to what I witnessed Thursday night. The hits were there of course but so too were a host of lesser known material from their first four albums, which was an absolute treat to hear. They weren't afraid to show their age, and the original members, Dan McCafferty and Pete Agnew, were either content to hold their ground on stage or stroll around like they were playing in their living rooms. Such is the confidence of rock elder statesmen. "This one's about 100 years old," joked Dan McCafferty, before screeching through Razamanaz. Having attended a score of rock concerts in Victoria, this was the most animated I have seen the crowd get. Folks on the island are notoriously laid back.

Nazareth is spending this summer touring Canada. See tour dates here. I would suggest snapping up a ticket and going to see a show if you can. Ours were $25 a piece. You would be hard pressed to see a better show this year. This is a Homercat guarantee. For you folks in Calgary, they are playing in your fine city tonight.

Even though I recently did a post about these guys. Today we're going to revisit a couple Headpins tunes and a couple of the older classics that Naz performed.

Turn it Loud by The Headpins
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Turn on Your Receiver by Nazareth
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Expect No Mercy by Nazareth
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Alcatraz by Nazareth
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Telegram by Nazareth
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