Friday, July 20, 2007

Working Graveyards

Today in Music History:

1963, Jan and Dean started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Surf City', written by Beach Boy Brian Wilson, with the Beach Boys on backing vocals.

To be more precise, things I have learned since I started working the graveyard shift. It's a whole different deal from midnight to 8 am, and I've picked up some knowledge I'd like to share. Oh yeah there be music in them thar links.

1. Whoever invented the sleep mask is a saint. I used to think they were stupid but without my sleep mask with the little sheep on it I would be terribly sleep deprived. Thank you sleep mask guy.

2. Those bastard buses that go by every 3 minutes are the loudest fucking things I've ever heard during daylight hours while wearing my sleep mask. Enter the earplugs.

3. The hookers get desperate around 2 am. I've actually seen them jump out in the street in front of cars trying to flag down a potential customer. I have only seen this, not personally flagged down, Honest.

4. Butt pickers prowl the streets around 4 am. Not the kind that have undies wedged up their ass. The ones that scour the parking lots and sidewalks pre dawn, looking for half finished cigarettes so they can recycle them by emptying any remaining tobacco and rolling their own new ones.

5. Ditto the garbage can and or dumpster divers looking for that ever elusive can or bottle that may be returned for a nickel. Most times the butt picker and garbage can guy are the same person. Sometimes they are separate entities.

6. There are an above average number of skateboarders out doing their thing at 3 am. Some of them like to wear white capes and masks. I have actually seen this at 3 AM once. This freaks me out.

7. This could be tied in with number 6 but it seems like there is no such thing as a curfew for kids any more. When I was a teen, my ass had to be home by a certain time or I was going to get a serious ass whoopin. It's not unusual to see groups of kids out wandering the streets in the wee hours.

8. No matter how hard you try you will never get enough sleep. Especially since your wife will invariably call just as you're drifting off after counting sheep for two hours.... and she just wants to ask you if you're going to take a nap.

9. Cats think that you're getting up at 1 am just for the express purpose of feeding them. Phurbee stands by her food bowl as I'm getting ready and looks at me like "Get over here and feed me fool."

10. When I find out who is shitting in the alley beside the beer and wine store I'm going to kick your ass, I'm fucking tired of cleaning it up. On second thought I'm going to force feed it to you.

It's exciting living life on the edge. Now wasn't that fun! Before the weekend starts I've got one more treat for everyone. I'm making it my mission to make sure that the word of Mojo gets spread. otis Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper wound up cutting ties in late 1989; Nixon wanted to form a full backing band, while Roper left the touring life to pursue a solo career that resulted in two albums for Triple X. For his first solo album, Nixon assembled an all-star cowpunk band featuring Country Dick Montana (Beat Farmers), John Doe (X), Eric Ambel (Del Lords), and Bill Davis (Dash Rip Rock). The result, Otis, was released in 1990 and caused a stir with the notorious "Don Henley Must Die," a rip on the Eagles frontman turned solo artist. (Two years later, the initially offended Henley shocked Nixon by climbing on-stage in Austin, TX, to perform the song with him; Nixon subsequently called off his fatwa.)For fans of good old in-your-face iconoclastic rock that doesn't take itself too seriously, this will fill the bill.
Mojo Nixon-Otis 1990
192 vbr

1. Destroy All Lawyers
2. I Wanna Race Bigfoot Trucks
3. Ain't High Falutin'
4. Shane's Dentist
5. Rabies Baby
6. Put A Sex Mo-Sheen In The White House
7. Star Spangled Mojo (Trad.) Arr. by Mojo Nixon
8. You Can Dress 'Em Up (But You Can't Take 'Em Out)
9. Don Henley Must Die
10. Perry Mason Of Love
11. Took Out The Trash And Never Came Back
12. Gonna Be A New World

All songs written by Mojo Nixon and published by Muffin Stuffin' Music/Administered by La Rana Music [BMI] except as indicated

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