Thursday, September 13, 2007

Many Happy Returns

Today in Music History:

In 1969, John and Yoko flew to Canada with the Plastic Ono Band to perform at the Rock & Roll Revival Show, Toronto, with The Doors, Chuck Berry and Little Richard.

So I took a vacation and upon returning to the work force it seems that homercat is being punished for taking time off. Bastards have been working the dog piss out of me. Leaving homercat with very little downtime. So let's go over some highlights from the past few weeks.

Upon arriving in Penticton we spent the first three days on the beaches of Lake Skaha and Okanagan Lake getting our required holiday sunburns.
Theme for a Nude Beach by the B-52's
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Then on our first Sunday there came the event we were there for, The Ironman. We had a distant relative competing. This year was it's 25th anniversary and it consists of a 3.8 k swim, 180k wortyh of cycling finishing off with a 42.2 k run. Grueling to say the least. I felt kinda bad watching the runners returning as we were sitting around the 20 mile mark in our lawn chairs with a beer cooler at our side. I think most of them were to far inside their own mental hell's to even notice. After having seen the ironman up close and personal, I have the utmost admiration for these people that push themselves to the limit.
Running With the Boss Sound by Generation X
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The biggest highlight for us though was when we returned to the Island. We went ziplining. Zip West just opened in July here on the island and we finally took the plunge and did it over vacation. For those of you who don't know, Ziplining involves gliding along a suspended steel cable, using a pulley and climbing harness. 8 ziplines ranging from 150 ft to 1000 ft, through 100 acres in the top's of the island's rainforest with platforms and Zip lines ranging from 60 ft to 125 ft off the ground and it was freakin' awesome. The tour lasted about two hours and it was worth every penny. We were so high up that when we did the first zip I thought I was going to poop my britches. The guide said he only knew of three places in Canada that had zip lines, Victoria, Whistler and somewhere in Quebec. He wasn't sure about the states, but he hadn't heard of any. If ever you are on Vancouver Island, I would make this a must do. Amazing.
Scared by The Tragically Hip
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Pictures (if anyone is curious)
Skaha Lakeironmanthe wife zips

It's good to be back.