Thursday, October 11, 2007

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Unfortunately homercat has had a case of pc meltdown. He is currently working to rectify the situation and hopes to be back and kicking ASAP. Sorry about the inconvenience folks.
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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Broken Record

Today in Music History:

In 1970 Janis Joplin is found dead in her room at the Landmark Hotel in Hollywood, California. The official cause is accidental heroin overdose.
Rock n Roll Hall of LameHere we go again, another year and another case of sounding like a broken record. The nominees for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008 are likely to cause Howls of displeasure from most classic rock fans. Homercat for one is wailing like a banshee. Three of the latest nominees (John Mellencamp, Dave Clark Five and Chic) are repeats, having missed the cut in previous years.

And the nominees are ...

• Afrika Bambaataa
• Beastie Boys
• Chic
• Leonard Cohen
• Dave Clark Five
• Madonna
• John Mellencamp
• Donna Summer
• The Ventures

So five from that list is going to be inducted. Can anyone say, Give us a fuckin' break you mental incompetents. Truly pathetic once again. The list of truly deserving artists gets longer and longer and look at the sludge they've come up this year. I truly can't write yet another rant about this hogwash as I've covered it ad nauseum last year and the year before.
The only worthy candidates on the list is the Dave Clark Five and the Ventures. Mellencamp maybe in a few years after Rush, Alice Cooper and KISS finally get inducted, but not before. Either redefine rock ‘n’ roll or change the name. Call it the Pop Hall of Fame, or the Billboard Hall of Fame. When are the members of the nominating comittee gonna wake up and get serious. It's a travesty of the highest order and honestly Mojo Nixon summed it up perfectly in todays featured song, everyone has to listen to this song. It is hilariously biting and oh so true.

Rock n Roll Hall of Lame by Mojo Nixon
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