Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Jones Street Boys

Today in Music History:

In 1967, The Monkees performed live for the very first time at The Cow Palace, San Francisco to a sell-out crowd.

jones street boysAlthough Good Rockin' Tonight likes to talk about the older lost gems of rock n roll, every once in a while homercat comes across some new stuff that tickles his ear bone. Most of you know that the cat likes his rock, but rocking out all the time makes homercat a dull boy. So slowing it down once in a while makes perfect sense.

The most recent ear candy I've come across is The Jones Street Boys from Brooklyn who I can best describe as country with a tinge of bluegrass. Or maybe a slice of Americana. Whatever the case these 5 guys have some infectious tunes in their repertoire. Included on their latest album Overcome are some sweet harmonica, a bit of mandolin, some honky tonk piano, great sounding harmonies, and some slappin' stand up bass. Just to name a few of great things about this album. I have numerous country albums in my collection and Overcome is a worthy addition that has been getting some heavy rotation at homercat's house. Jonathan Hull plays a helluva harmonica, I can tell ya. The song I have listed here as a sample starts out with some mandolin picking and harmonica and just gets better from there. Listen to it and tell me you didn't tap your foot along with the music.

Last Time by The Jones Street Boys
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