Monday, January 14, 2008

Top Ten of 2007

Today in Music History:

In 2005, a $100,000 statue honouring the late punk guitarist Johnny Ramone was unveiled by his widow Linda at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Johnny died from prostate cancer in September 2004 at the age of 55.
Even though we're more than two weeks into the new year, I've finally gotten around to writing my first entry of 2008. The holidays were just too hectic and the homercat household had to have time to unwind and get back in the groove of normalcy. Also I've been sick every day of this new year and haven't felt like doing anything. I'm finally getting over this dreadful cold and have a little more free time for a change.

So I've compiled my list of the 10 best albums of 2007. I'm pretty sure people will disagree with every pick on my list. Let me explain. For the most part I was pretty much disappointed with the music of 2007. There just wasn't that much out there that floated my boat. Not a fan of the Arcade Monkeys or whatever those bands are called. So the albums I've placed on my list are the ones I have listened to and enjoyed the most, they may not be the best per se, but they're my best ones darn it. The last two albums on my list were released in 2006, but I only bought them in 2007 so they got on my list. So for all you complainers about homercat's list, you sure are free to compile your own in the comments. Maybe I've missed out on some I shouldn't have.

1. Acoustic Sessions by Doc Neeson's Angels
Absolutely no question about it, this is by far the best album of the year. No one else even comes close. The acoustic version of No Secrets is one of the most haunting and memorable tune I've ever heard. The violin slays me. I covered this a few weeks ago so no sample.
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2. This is Somewhere by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Maybe not quite as strong as their debut but it still leaves everyone else in the dust. Big White Gate gives me chill bumps when I hear it.
Big White Gate
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3. The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack by SIXX: AM
Another album I covered previously. It really is quite good.
Life is Beautiful
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4. Bitchin' by The Donnas
Two words. Torry Castellano. Also just because I love the Donnas. Album sounds like it should have come out in the eighties during the hair band era. Down and Dirty just the way I like it.
Don't Wait Up for me
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5. B Sides and Rarities by Cake
Another band that can do no wrong in my opinion. I love the deadpan vocal stylings of John McCrea. The bass, the trumpet and finally those rare tracks all on one album. Album has a kick ass cover of War Pigs and Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town. The song I have listed here Originally comes from episode 17 of the 1st season of the Muppet Show which aired in 1976, and was sung by Mahna Mahna and the two Snowths.
Mahna Mahna
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6. Touch Up by Mother Mother
"Dirty Town" is an awesome upbeat song and the title track "Touch Up" is excellent. This album is fun. I'm a sucker for harmonies and riffs and this fits both criteria. Great debut from a new canadian band.
Touch Up
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7. Planet Earth by Prince
Definitely not his purplenesses best work, but ever since I first listened to his Dirty Mind album back in 1980, I declared to my friends that Prince was a genius and they poo pooed me. Yet I had the last laugh. I still declare him a musical genius and anything he puts out makes my list.
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8. Black Rain by Ozzy Osbourne
I have been and always will be a fan of the Ozz man and I Don't Wanna Stop kicks ass. Nuff said.
I Don't Wanna Stop
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Honorable Mentions (or I just bought these albums in 2007 so they count for me even though they came out in 2006)
9. Sinner by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
I have chronicled my lust for Joan here on these pages over the years, so even though this is a 2006 release it makes my list here since I bought it this year.
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10. Slayed (remaster with bonus tracks) by Slade
I was ever so happy to see the remastering of Slades catalog. I just hope they continue and remaster every album including their 80's material which I really dig.
The Whole World's Goin' Crazee
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