Thursday, March 20, 2008

Danny Joe Brown

Today in Music History:

In 1980, 28 year-old Joseph Riviera held up the Asylum Records office in New York and demanded to see either Jackson Browne or The Eagles. Riviera wanted to talk to them to see if they would finance his trucking operation. He gave him-self up when told that neither act was in the office at the time.

Danny Joe Brown
After the first two highly successful albums with Molly Hatchet, vocalist Danny Joe Brown left the band in 1980. Some folks have said that certain "success syndrome" problems led Danny Joe, whose voice and persona had defined Molly Hatchet up to that point, to leave the band. While partially true, another reason was that Brown was a diabetic since the age of 19 and Hatchet's exhausting tour schedule behind Flirtin' With Disaster was also taking a serious toll on his health and he had to slow down because of his diabetes. So he had to leave the band. While Hatchet was taking a new approach with their sound behind new vocalist Jimmy Farrar, Farrar's voice was less immediately identifiable, and the band's commercial appeal began to slowly decline. The second album with Farrar actually featured a horn section, which was not the Hatchet us fans had grown to love. Danny Joe's voice which had a raspy thrillbilly growl combined with whistles, hoots and hollers and he was essentially the heart and soul of Hatchet's sound, along with their trademark triple guitar assault. Essentially no Brown, no Hatchet.

Danny Joe formed the Danny Joe Brown Band and kept its musical emphasis quite close to the original style that his former band, Molly Hatchet had originated. It was a no frills southern rock approach expected by fans of the music genre. The band only released one album in 1981 and Brown eventually returned to Molly Hatchet at the end of 1982. When all is said and done this is essentially a Molly Hatchet album under another name. This is probably the hardest rocking of any "southern rock" album of the 1975-1985 period, bordering on being more of a "southern metal" on some songs. If you're into other 80's AOR or hard rock, you'll like the cuts I have here from the album.

A major stroke ended Brown's career in 1998. Three years ago on Mar. 12, 2005, after he had been hospitalized for five weeks, Danny Joe Brown died of renal failure at his home in Davie Florida at the age of 53. RIP Danny Joe. No one could belt out a tune like you.

Edge of Sundown by the Danny Joe Brown Band
Hear My Song by the Danny Joe Brown Band
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