Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lookin' For Trouble

Today in Music History:

In 1988, Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler married second wife Teresa Barrick in her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Toronto’s street-wise image mixed with their hard-edged sound made them instant staples on FM stations across the country with the release of their first album Looking For Trouble. Released in 1980 it is a great first album with a good collection of catchy rockin' tunes. With the lead-off single "Even The Score", critics instantly took notice of the band as one of Canada’s most promising new groups. The now-classic title-track, "5035" and covers of the "Stones" "Let’s Spend The Night Together" and Eddie Schwartz’s "You Better Run"(months before Pat Benatar had released it herself) all drove home the message that Toronto had arrived with a vengeance, pushing their debut album to platinum status in near record time. The song "5035" gained notoriety (= good publicity), as people apparently were dialing the phone number "just to see". This is classic Canadian rock at its best. Vocalist Holly Woods has an amazing voice unlike any other from that era. Lookin' For Trouble is a CD that rocks from start to finish. You just don't hear straight ahead rock n roll like this anymore. Especially with a female vocalist.

Growing up in the sticks south of the border, we never had the pleasure of hearing this band. In fact I had never heard of them until I was introduced to Toronto by Mrs. homercat in 2003. Hard to believe I went that many years without hearing about this excellent band.

Lookin' For Trouble
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