Friday, June 27, 2008

Canada Day Eh!

Bar B Ques, Beer and fireworks. Most people on this continent are gearing up for holiday festivities, what with Canada Day on July 1 and the Fourth of July for the Yanks down south. Most folks are probably going to be too busy knockin back a few cold brewski's, trying hard to blow up some fingers, rather than blog surfing. This here post is in honour of the great white north. Oh Canada and so forth. Thus homercat is going to be on a mini vacation which is gearing up right about now. Before I depart for Canada Day celebrations I put together a little compilation that will be perfect for everyones Canada Day needs. Most importantly all the artists are Canadian and secondly these are great tunes that are sure to perk up any festivities one may be enjoying. Even if you're not a canuck, this is a great collection that showcases how diverse Canadian music can be. I'll be back sometime next week. If anyone has a question about an album that any of these classic songs come from, where to buy or locate an album or any other question about the artists featured here, leave your question in the comments and I'll answer the best I can. Some of the songs here are lifted from albums that are out of print. So anyways everyone have your holidays be safe and save some beer for the homercat, eh.

1. April Wine - Oowatanite (3:47)
2. Doug & The Slugs - Chinatown Calculation (3:43)
3. Big Sugar - Nicotina (She's All That) (4:04)
4. Great Big Sea - Goin' Up (Live) (4:54)
5. Headpins - Don't It Make You Feel (4:08)
6. The Arrogant Worms - Proud to Be Canadian (4:02)
7. Prism - Armageddon (7:45)
8. Lighthouse - One Fine Morning (5:14)
9. Toronto - Silver Screen (4:06)
10. The Tragically Hip - Little Bones (4:44)
11. Blood Sweat and Tears - And When I Die (4:05)
12. Bob and Doug McKenzie - Take Off (4:43)
13. Streetheart - Snow White (4:01)
14. Stompin' Tom Connors - The Hockey Song (2:12)
15. Great Big Sea - Jolly Roving Tar (10:26)
16. Joe Canada - The Rant (Molson Canadian 'I AM' Commercial) (0:57)
17. Molson Canadian - I Am Anthem (1:30)
18. Gordon Lightfoot - Canadian Railroad Trilogy (7:04)
19. Hawksley Workman - Striptease (3:32)
20. Joni Mitchell - A Case Of You (4:22)
21. Danko Jones - Bounce (3:05)
22. Arrogant Worms - We Are the Beaver (4:03)
23. Barenaked Ladies - Grade 9 (2:55)
24. Jenny Gear - Tower Of Song (3:15)
25. Five Iron Frenzy - Oh, Canada (3:14)
26. Maclean and Maclean - I've Seen Pubic Hair (3:27)
27. Tom Cochrane - No Regrets (4:41)
28. Colin James - Five Long Years (4:35)
29. Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Let It Ride (4:29)
30. Blue Rodeo - I Love The Way You Come To Me (3:57)
31. The Guess Who - Follow Your Daughter Home (3:39)
32. Spirit of the West - Home for a Rest (4:35)
33. The Rankins - Mull River Shuffle (5:54)
34. National Anthem - Oh Canada (1:32)

Tracks 1-17
Tracks 18-34

Bonus tunes
Innocence by Harlequin
Rock and Roll Song by Valdy

Buy the albums here

Funny Toon
Patriotic Canadian


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