Sunday, June 22, 2008

Charmed Life

Charmed Life is the fourth studio album released by Billy Idol in 1990 through Chrysalis Records. "Cradle of Love" was featured on the soundtrack of The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. The song is famous for its video, which won the 1990 MTV Video Music Award for "Best video from a film". Compared to his previous three albums Charmed Life shows a much more mature Idol as the songs are a lot deeper, less punk, and more hard rock. Billy took a much more edgy, hard rock path with this album. Every song is memorable with great melodies, excellent lyrics, more originality, more raw, and less overproduced pop. Definitely a most underappreciated and overlooked album. Probably because it was ahead of it's time. Prodigal Blues is one of the best songs Idol has ever written.

The Loveless
Prodigal Blues
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