Sunday, June 01, 2008

Face to Face

As you can see I was serious about getting back to posting on a regular basis. Although I fear that my Today in Music History blurb that always preceded each post will be done away with. We'll see.

The Angels/Angel City/The Angels From Angel City(titles can be found under all 3 names) were one of the great "hidden gems" of the late 70's and early 80's rock scene. The Angels hail from Australia and were a hard driving pub rock band. In 1975, on the recommendation of Bon Scott and Malcolm Young from AC/DC, the band was offered a recording deal with the Alberts label. In 1978 they released their classic Face to Face album in their homeland of Australia. The band eventually signed an international contract with CBS Records and in March of 1980 they released Face to Face internationally. The international release was a compilation of tracks from the Australian Face to Face and No Exit albums, on the Epic label. The band billed itself as Angel City to avoid legal problems with the Casablanca Records' act Angel. In 1989 the band changed it's international name again to The Angels From Angel City. Back down under they were always billed as The Angels.

Face to Face is five star rock n roll folks. A must have album if you're serious about your music. This is the North American cover of the album, notice they are billed as Angel City. This is one of my all time favorite rock albums. The Angels should have been as huge as AC/DC. One of the great mysteries of our time is not whatever happened to Amelia Earhart, but why the heck The Angels never clicked in America. The songs are straightforward, in your face guitar rock. After listening to any Angels album, you could honestly picture them playing at and peeling the paint off your local bar.

Take A Long Line
Marseilles (zshare)
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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more Angel City have left some of the best hard rockin hard to find cd's of the 1980's. Flew to Australia to see them on the recent Face to Face line up reunion. They maybe older these days but still loud and proud. Take a Long Line will oneday be covered by someone like GreenDay and be a huge hit. How they didn't become as big as AC/DC is a crime. They had the songs, talent and but probably an image 20 years ahead of time. Also check out Darkroom , Night Attack, Two Minute Warning and Beyond Salvation.