Saturday, June 07, 2008

Kimono My House

Kimono My House is the third album by Sparks. The album title is generally assumed to be a pun on the Rosemary Clooney hit Come on-a My House. Perhaps coincidentally, "Kimono My House" is the title of Episode 19 of the 60s TV comedy That Girl. It was released in May 1974. Kimono My House is an absolute masterpiece and one of, if not the, very best "dance-pop" album ever recorded. It was dubbed the band's "glam-pop magnum opus", and the epithet is fully deserved.

The Mael brothers are fond of inventing cute little "what if..." kind of stories and putting them to music - you have a deceased boy blaming his girl for backing off after they'd both decided to commit suicide ('Here In Heaven'), a guy who's glad it's not Christmas because Christmas is the only day when he can't get away from his wife ('Thank God It's Not Christmas'), another guy who's mad at his girl for telling that she'd meet him on the equator but not having arrived in due time ('Equator'), and another guy who's having problems with explaining his feelings to a gal because he wasn't taught languages properly in school ('Hasta Manana Monsieur').

When it comes to Sparks music there are two camps. Those that get it and those that don't. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground. For example myself, el homercat , I get it and I think Russell and Ron Mael are musical geniuses. Every single Sparks album is a musical gem. Some more so than others and I have been a lifelong fan since hearing my first Sparks song some many many years ago. The brothers are still going strong having just released their newest album, not to mention the upcoming concerts in England where they will play every album in it's entirety over a slew of dates.

The other camp, the ones that don't get it absolutely hate Sparks. For example, Mrs. homercat cannot stand them. Now she is no musical slouch being a singer in a band for many years, so she appreciates all kind of music. She is even now learning the joys of metal. Try as I might though, she will not have any of that Sparks. So there you go. What is a cat to do?

Bottom line, this is an essential album for any serious music collector.

This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us
Hasta MaƱana Monsieur
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