Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not Fragile

Not Fragile is the third album by Canadian rock band Bachman-Turner Overdrive, released in 1974. Bachman Turner Overdrive's Not Fragile is an anchor and essential album in any classic rock collection. In fact it is on my list of top 100 albums of all time. I first heard this abum in 1974 on an 8-track player. Yes I know that dates me, but I was just a wee tot. Now, keep in mind, these guys ain't gonna dazzle you with their songwritin' ability. This is jus' yer basic meat-n-taters hard rock focusing on themes of being in a rock band; on the road, or women. Take for example, the opening title track, "Not Fragile". An uptempo unpretentious rocker written and sung by bassist Fred Turner that just plain kicks you in the face with a brick it's so heavy. Starts off with a heavy bass riff followed by the rhythm guitar layin' down the same riff (A feature of this band). But it is a killer riff. Then there's Sledgehammer, listening to Sledgehammer with the headphones cranked still gives me chills when Fred Turner kicks in with the chorus after Randy Bachman's mellower verses. The line in the title track says it all: "You ask do we play heavy music...well, WE DO! NOT FRAGILE, straight at you." Some people write reviews giving the history of the bands as I do sometimes. But for me it all comes down to one simple fact. This album kicks ass hard period and is one of the heaviest and at the same time, melodic, that I own. This is the way rock & roll was meant to be. At a time when idiots are going apeshit over the new Coldplay album (They are really really really bad), Not Fragile makes Coldplay sound like gay kindergarteners. Don't waste your money on Coldplay. Even at a mere 9 tunes this album is worth 5 times the purchase price. This album is a masterpiece. Nuff said.

Not Fragile
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