Thursday, June 05, 2008

Point of Entry

Point of Entry
Point of Entry is probably the most forgotten Halford-era Judas Priest album. Released in 1981, Priest went on a wild tangent with this album, just one year removed from 'British Steel', an instant metal classic. The band pursued a more radio friendly direction on this album and the more blatant commercial direction alienated some longtime metal head listeners. Much of 'Point Of Entry' cannot be classified as metal, more along hard rock lines. Yet I really like this album, probably more than Screaming for Vengeance. Yes I heard those gasps. While far from their best, there's some interesting work to be found here. 'Heading Out To The Highway' and 'Hot Rockin' are the two 'classic' tracks off the album, but 'Desert Plains', 'Solar Angels', 'On The Run' and 'Don't Go' easily make the grade. Priest still performs a couple tracks off this album when they tour.

I think what I like about this album is that it came between British Steel and Screaming for Vengeance. Living After Midnight and You've Got Another Thing Coming received so much airplay that it came to the point where I almost couldn't stand to hear those songs anymore. Same with the albums, me and my buds played those albums so much that even today it wears thin on me. So Point of Entry is like a breath of fresh air. Definitely an underrated masterpiece in the Priest catalogue. In my opinion it easily ranks among their top 5 releases, and shows how versatile Judas Priest can be and that they're more than just a heavy metal band.

Don't Go
Solar Angels
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Anonymous said...

i totally agree!
Point of Entry is an underrated album although a very good one!
it's in fact my favourite Judas Priest lp in their entire catalog and i always thought it was artistically much better successful than Bristish Steel or Screaming for Vengeance were! (though not commercially!).