Thursday, June 12, 2008

Robin Zander

It's easy to take Robin Zander for granted. There's so much irony and humor in Cheap Trick's superb catalog that sometimes you forget what a great singer this guy really is. Unlike many lead singers of successful bands, Cheap Trick's Robin Zander waited until after the commercial fortunes of his band had dissipated before offering a solo project. This 1993 solo album really showcases the vocal abilities of a gifted front man once touted as the man with a 1'000 voices. Zander doesn't deviate much from his work with Cheap Trick. It's a balanced mix of taut, power pop, heartfelt ballads, and tasty covers. There's no reinvention of the wheel here, just fifty minutes of well-crafted rock delivered by one of the most-gifted vocalists and frontmen in rock history. Unfortunately this album is out of print so if you can manage to find it, I would suggest you scoop it up.

Walkin' Shoes
Tell it to the World

Funny Toon