Saturday, June 14, 2008

Slugcology 101

Doug and the Slugs were a Vancouver (Canada) rock band that was formed in 1977 by the singer and songwriter Doug Bennett. Initially the Slugs' novelty, humour, and theatrics, and Bennett's unlikely 'pop star' image, made them a media success in Vancouver. Their first single, 'Too Bad,' was a modest national hit in 1980 and was followed by such popular titles as 'Who Knows How to Make Love Stay' and 'Making It Work' in 1983, and 'Tomcat Prowl' in 1988.

In their day, The Slugs were true touring warriors, often taking their live show to small towns that normally wouldn't see many nationally successful rock bands. The band even made it 800 miles shy of the North Pole when they entertained troops at a remote army base.

Although he did some solo work and had plenty of other projects on the go, Bennett kept giving the people what they wanted: The Slugs. Doug led the Slugs (through a variety of line-ups) for 27 years before passing away at the age of 53 in October of 2004. Signature Doug & The Slugs hits like "Too Bad" and "Making It Work" have become part of the Canadian cultural fabric and I dare anyone to not sing along with those songs, it can't be done.

Once again we encounter the ridiculous nature of the record industry as the Slugs discography is out of print. Slugcology 101 is a definitive overview of their best work which initially came out in 1996. Of course it is now out of print and extremely hard to find. One of those must have albums. Doug Bennett was a true Canadian star and knew how to give Canadians a good time. He will be missed.

Making it Work
Too Bad
out of print

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