Thursday, July 31, 2008


WhippedThe third album from Faster Pussycat shows they were heading in an exciting direction. Whipped came out in 1992 and some people thought it didn't rock out as much as the first two but songs like "Jack the Bastard" and "Body thief" kept that rocking sound going. Actually this album shows that Faster Pussycat were hitting their creative peak right as the hard rock backlash began and the fans wanted everyone to sound like Nirvana.

The country rock swagger of the 7 minute epic "Nonstop to nowhere" starts the album very strongly, sounding more like classic Rolling Stones than anything else and should have been a hit. "Big dictionary" and "Loose booty" were funny, light-hearted care free tracks about women, again nothing serious but always brings a smile to your face just like the rest of the band's output.

Whipped hit number 90 on the charts, and it fell off quickly; with the alternative rock explosion, the hard rock audience had changed and had no patience for Faster Pussycat's trashy glam metal. For the most part this is a fine hard rock album that died a terrible death in the alternative rock marketplace of 1992. With the band quickly folowing in it's footsteps. Incidentally with the rise of the "Seattle sound" of the 90's, I quickly forayed over to the country music scene because I felt 90's music was nothing short of pathetic. I love trashy glam metal, and would take these guys over Nirvana any day of the week.

Nonstop to Nowhwere
Big Dictionary
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Up to Here

Today in Music History:

In 1974, Mamas And The Papas singer Cass Elliot died from a heart attack after choking on her own vomit. She was staying at Harry Nilson's London flat when she died. Her only solo hit was 'Dream a Little Dream of Me,' which also featured the rest of The Mamas and The Papas.
The Tragically HipThe Tragically Hip are one of Canada's best kept secrets. The Hip have a small but fervent American following, especially in border states such as Michigan, Vermont and upstate and western New York. Otherwise they have gone largely unnoticed in the states. In 1989 they released their first full length album, Up To Here, one of the best rock n' roll albums there is and it made the band almost instantly famous in Canada. Although it was recorded in Memphis and also released in the United States, there was little reaction to it there. I heard my first Hip song back in 2002 when I was first introduced to them. I immediately soaked up all the Hip that I could get my hands on. There is always the good natured debate among fans as to what the best Hip album is. While Fully Completely is regarded by many as their best album, I just don't see it that way (Fourth maybe). Another candidate is Road Apples, yet I can't jump on that bandwagon either(possibly second) . For me Up to Here is the one that I consider not only as their best, but also as one of the Top 100 albums of all time. It may be that there is some bias for my choice, being it was the first Tragically Hip album I ever heard. Even so this is a strong album holding not a single klunker. One thing is for certain, every album the Hip have put out has become an instant Canadian classic. Including their last studio album World Container, which I thought contained some of their best work since Up to Here.

I can only assume that the Tragically Hip did not get sufficient support from their record label. That's the only reason I can think of that this album wasn't a monster hit elsewhere like it was in Canada. Possibly their albums contained too much Canadian content and the rest of the world didn't get it. Oh well, this is muscular hard rock in the traditional (i.e. pre-grunge) style that just kicks ass. Folks unfamiliar with the Hip should immediately pick this one up and become enamored of the band the same way I did.

Blow At High Dough
New Orleans Is Sinking
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Code of Honor

Joanna Dean was an up and coming promising rocker whose voice was a cross between Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt. If you've never heard her you'll be floored at the raspy,gritty,soulfulJoanna Dean power of her voice. Joanna Dean released her first album in 1988 called Misbehavin', which is very hard to find now. I posted that album earlier in case you missed it so get it quick. Joanna Dean is a rare talent that most people will never have the pleasure of knowing. Not since the likes of Janis Joplin, has there been a singer that put as much of her soul in a song. With only two albums to her credit it is impossible to compare her to Janis, but she is close.

For her second album Dean formed a band and they called themselves Bad Romance. Joanna wrote or co-wrote all but one tune on her second album, "Code of Honor" which came out in 1991. The album was marked by a dark, somber tone and included songs about alcoholism and suicide. The one cover tune, "Love Hurts," was recorded as a duet with Tom Kiefer of Cinderella. Don't let the album cover or the dark somber tone fool you. This album is categorized as Heavy Metal and from the opening track it packs a helluva punch. A review on her self titled album says she is no longer recording and is now a graphic designer. What a shame. Truly an overlooked talent that should have been huge. This album is out of print yet is available from certain sellers sometimes at an exorbitant price. If you can find a copy you are lucky.
Bad Romance with Joanna Dean

House of My Father
Code of Honor
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

King Cool

Donnie IrisKing Cool is the second solo album by American rock singer Donnie Iris, released in 1981. This was the follow up to his solo debut, Back on the Streets, and proved to be the commercial and critical peak for Iris and his band the Cruisers. For you really oldsters you may remember Iris from a group called The Jaggerz where he was responsible for writing the #2 Billboard hit "The Rapper" which came out in 1970 and sold over 5 million copies. After the Jaggerz broke up, Iris toured with Wild Cherry, whose 1976 hit "Play That Funky Music" had made them a hot property into the end of the decade. It was during this period that he became acquainted with his future partner Mark Avsec, now playing keyboards for Wild Cherry. When Wild Cherry called it quits Iris began his solo career.

On this album Iris concentrated more on a classic rock sound which helped propel three charting singles from this album. King Cool managed to break no new ground, but served as a loving homage to crunchy, singalong rock. Boy does it ever, from the melodic "Sweet Merilee," which features some lovely harmonies, to the percussion-driven "Love Is Like a Rock" and let's not forget "My Girl", which opted for a doo wop feel and became their biggest hit reaching number 25 on the charts. If that wasn't enough, believe it or not, these aren't the best songs on the album. Infectious tracks like "The Promise," the punchy "Pretender," and the mid-tempo ballad "The Last to Know" are even better than the three songs released as singles. In fact every song on this album should have been a top 40 hit. A truly lost classic masterpiece that more people should become acquainted with and own. I make no bones about listing this album as one of my Top 100 Albums of All Time.

Broken Promises
The Promise
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quick Turns

Off BroadwayIf you grew up in the Chicago area, then you've heard of Off Broadway and have probably even seen them perform. Off Broadway was a late-'70s power pop group from Chicago. This band was similar to Cheap Trick with their hopped-up melodies and catchy hooks, but with a little more quirky, almost new wave sort of bent to it. But they were doomed to obscurity because they did not have the personality or the hardness that Cheap Trick did. Opening for heavy metal acts didn't do much for their careers either, putting two different genres of music together is risky at best and metalheads are not particularly fond of powerpop, thus a lot of people hated them. They wrote catchy songs and managed to sell around 200,000 copies of their 1979 debut album, On. They may never have reached the big time but they are remembered quite fondly by power pop enthusiasts such as myself. I saw these guys back in 1981, I think they opened for Nazareth. They had a good set and the music was very good, but unfortunately their stage presence couldn't bear the brunt of the metal crowd. The band slogged it out until 1983 and finally called it quits. I think the comparisons to Cheap Trick literally killed them. Which was very unfair to them because they were quite good.

Their first album On has to be one of the most criminally overlooked albums in rock history. Quick Turns was their second album which came out in 1980. It's not quite the stunner their first one was, but still there's not a bad song on it. This album's production is actually rawer than the first one, with more of an emphasis on rock rather than pop. The album actually made it to CD in 2002 but I think it may already be out of print again.

Bad Girl
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tighten Up, Vol. 88

Tighten Up, Vol. 88 is the third album by Big Audio Dynamite, recorded, mixed and released at the Beethoven St. Studios in West London on Spring 1988.

The album gets its name from Tighten Up compilation series by Trojan Records. The album cover is a painting by Paul Simonon, former bassist of The Clash and Mick Jones' bandmate. The allmusic review of this album gives it only two stars and I have to strongly disagree with that rating. I'll turn it around and give it 5 stars and call it a must own album. The melodies are winning, the presentation interesting, and Mick Jones’ voice is charming in a sleepy sort of way. Jones actually set out to make the album more commercially accessible than the first two BAD albums, crafting tighter songs in a more pop-styled vein as opposed to the effects and sample heavy work that preceded, and followed, it. Personally I think he succeeded in this, and of the album's 12 tracks I find almost all of them infectious and marvellously written tunes that still holds up well all these years later.

I have a certain appreciation for every track on Tighten Up that I can't say I have for any other BAD album, from any incarnation. I genuinely believe that with the exception of Mr. Walker Said, any song on here could have been a hit single, they are all so hook-laden and enjoyable on the ear. It's with this said that I show no second thoughts in giving the album 5 stars. It's a rarity these days when I find an album I can listen to from start to finish and thoroughly enjoy every trackas much as I do this one, and I would say it's well worth the extra effort to track down this out of print album.

The Battle of All Saints Road
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Everything to Everyone

Today in Music History:

In 1972, a bomb exploded under The Rolling Stones equipment van in Montreal, believed to be the work of French separatists. Angry fans rioted throwing bottles and rocks after 3,000 tickets for the show turned out to be fake.
It wasn't my intention to feature another Canadian artist coming right after Tom Cochrane, but a member of one of my favorite Canadian bands is in trouble with the law. Of course I speak of Stephen Page from the Barenaked Ladies. It saddens me a bit, Stephen has had a bit of a tough run. He's battled depression and separated from his wife last year with whom he has three children. The Barenaked Ladies have had a mostly squeeky clean career for the past 20 years and I just hope Stephen comes out of this OK.

I like BNL for a lot of reasons, their humour, sing along melodies, their amazing harmonies, their charity and activism work and their on stage banter which is never the same. They were one of the first Canadian acts to sign up with the Canadian Music Creators Coalition which basically says, “Fans who share music are not thieves or pirates,” they state unequivocally. “Sharing music has been happening for decades.” It’s identified three simple principles to guide copyright reform and cultural policy:
- First, we believe that suing our fans is destructive and hypocritical. We do not want to sue music fans, and we do not want to distort the law to coerce fans into conforming to a rigid digital market artificially constructed by the major labels.

- Second, we believe that the use of digital locks, frequently referred to as technological protection measures, are risky and counterproductive. We do not support using digital locks to increase the labels' control over the distribution, use and enjoyment of music, nor do we support laws that prohibit circumvention of such technological measures, including Canadian accession to the World Intellectual Property Organization's Internet Treaties. These treaties are designed to give control to major labels and take choices away from artists and consumers. Laws should protect artists and consumers, not restrictive technologies.

- Third, we strongly believe that cultural policy should support actual Canadian artists. We call on the Canadian government to firmly commit to programs that support Canadian music talent. The government should make a long-term commitment to grow support mechanisms such as the Canada Music Fund and FACTOR, invest in music training and education, create limited tax shelters for copyright royalties, protect artists from inequalities in bargaining power and make collecting societies more transparent.

One not familiar with their work might think, aren't they the ones that sing a lot of goofy pop songs. Yeah they have one or two of those but in the last 5 or 6 years they have really matured and it really shows in their music. Everything to Everyone is the eighth full-length album by the Barenaked Ladies and their sixth studio album. It was released in 2003. Everything to Everyone is probably Barenaked Ladies' most honest album -- always touching, but serious and completely open for the first time in their 15-year career. Several artists have made attempts to spoof the celebrity-obsessed world in which we live, but Barenaked Ladies succeed in keeping things simple. Hopefully I can encourage a few folks to buy their stuff and maybe it will help Stephen pay his legal bills. Good luck Steve.

For You
Another Postcard
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ragged Ass Road

Today in Music History:

In 1998, Aerosmith were forced to cancel a forthcoming US tour after Joey Kramer was involved in a freak accident. The drummer's car set on fire and was completely destroyed as he was filling up with gas. He was admitted to hospital with second-degree burns.
Tom Cochrane is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician, whose story-telling songs have earned him the nickname "The thinking man's rocker." His music has been critically referred to as the "soundtrack to a mid-life crisis". His best known song is the hit single "Life Is a Highway" which peaked at #6 on the US Billboard charts in 1992 and was a number one hit in his native Canada. The track also hit #1 in Australia where Cochrane has a very loyal following. He still remains a major act in Canada, his home country. If one had to put a sounds like tag onto his music you could say that Tom takes the best from Bob Seger and John Mellencamp and melds it into something all his own with a distinctly Canadian vibe. Ragged Ass Road was released in October 1995, and is named for a real road which exists in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The album's tracks are short, concise stories about life, love, loss, and the hope of renewal and redemption. Some of the best include "I Wish You Well," and the Dylanesque "Crawl," and the title track. Cochrane reaches down and delivers his music from the heart and soul. Although there is nary a Canuck who doesn't own a Tom Cochrane album, This is truly an unheralded recording deserving of a much wider (and wiser) audience outside of Canada. My favorite Tom Cochrane album.

I Wish You Well
Dreamer's Dream
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Next Position Please

What better way to follow up one of my biannual rants about the music industry than featuring one of my favorite out of print albums.

Next Position Please was produced by Todd Rundgren and released in 1983 and is currently out of print and a hard bugger to find. It was Cheap Trick's seventh studio album and eighth release overall. Next Position Please was produced unlike any other Cheap Trick album. Todd Rundgren focused more on the pop elements of Cheap Trick's sound by toning down the heavy guitars that usually characterized the band's music and giving the songs a slicker feel.

The title and album cover are a satire of Bruce Springsteen's pose on the cover of Born to Run.

The original vinyl record had only 12 tracks, with "You Talk Too Much" and "Don't Make Our Love a Crime" appearing only on the cassette version and later on the CD. The record was originally supposed to include both tracks plus another called "Twisted Heart," but Cheap Trick's label at the time, Epic Records, forced the band to include a cover of The Motors' "Dancing the Night Away" and the outtake "You Say Jump" in their place. Rundgren refused to produce "Dancing the Night Away," so the track ended up being produced by the band with Ian Taylor. "Twisted Heart" eventually surfaced on the box set Sex, America, Cheap Trick.

"You Talk Too Much" was actually one of Cheap Trick's earlier songs, prior to their debut album's release. It was actually titled "Punch Ya" back then.

In 2006 Cheap Trick and Epic/Legacy reissued Next Position Please as a digital download, calling it Next Position Please - The Authorized Version. The title refers to the fact that the 13 tracks intended for the original album were restored and sequenced according to the band's wishes, while "You Say Jump" and "Dancing the Night Away" were put at the end as "bonus tracks" along with another outtake from the era, "Don't Hit Me With Love." Of course, that is no longer available either as the Epic/Legacy site shows it as out of stock. How does a digital download go out of stock? I find that extremely funny and sad at the same time.

That may be all well and good, but this is still totally out of print as far as the cd is concerned and it shouldn't be.

I Can't Take It
Younger Girls

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Passion of the Homercat

First a special download prize to those who read this whole damn post and give their feelings in the comments.

In the last few years the music industry has gotten so ignorant and crazy that every time I make a new entry, it really could be the last one you see here. The major labels have the ability to say to a place like blogspot, yank that site because it illegally showcased that song, and it disappears. they previewed a song off of one of our artists new album. Thank God that these ass wipes will eventually have to rethink their business practices. I receive 2 or three emails a day from indie artists with no label at all begging me to showcase their music on my blog,and they made an album with their own money and would you please download this entire album and feature it on your blog. I also do a lot of work with Indie labels that have all their blessings to showcase their artists work however I see fit. They just want the word out.

Every Time I write a new post here it could be the last one if the major labels have any say. That is one reason why I will never promote a new album from a major label artist. Apparently they don't need the free publicity and they just want to sue whoever promotes that music. So no new music here, except for a couple of excellent folks who I am in touch with and they want their music heard. But you say, homercat you are so retro that that you wear those leg warmer things. Not true go check the archives.

So what are you getting at homercat? A bunch of months ago I posted here on this site a long out of print album. In fact an album that never saw the light of CD or mp3, ogg,mp4, or whatever the kids are calling music now, in fact was probably out of print a year or two after it came out, which makes no sense since it was a great album. In fact it's been out of print for around 25 years and is only available on vinyl. Two days after I posted it, all I have to say is my link was taken down by outside sources. They just hated that I was posting an album.Yes, an album that the record industry deemed fit to die, all of of sudden became important enough because this asshole was(shock) sharing an album(that was no longer available anywhere, anyhow, or anyway. You still can't even get it in the ridiculously crappy mp3 format from a paysite(and if you buy online music then I make no apologies, you are stupid beyond redemption).

I've since given this some thought and have decided throw up this link that is ruining the record industry once again(I'ts Lower down). With this Challenge to artist and pathetic record industry alike. If you don't want me to post this album and share it with the world, then I put the ball in your court and demand that you re-release this album so that the people who want to buy, CAN. What as simple concept. I would be first in line, in fact I would break my rule and pre-order it with a credit card. I know you're wondering what could this album be? Wait till the end. Release it or I keep sharing it.

Ask Gene Simmons what he would think about one of his Kiss albums going out of print, Never happen. Not now, not tomorrow, not 40 years from now. Gene would take over the record industry before he allowed that. Hell, he's been repackaging the Kiss library in different forms, ways, tracklists and whatever it takes for years. He's making millions because he refuses to let his music die and miraculously every time he repackages the "hits", bingo, a new generation discovers KISS and he makes more money.

I say this to every record company out there, you must be scared shitless of making any money whatsoever. This is why. Are you grown up enough to handle it? For every out of print album that you deem unfit for release, you've shot yourself in the big toe and lost millions, because us music lovers know a way to find it(even though we would pay top dollar for a hard copy). Ok , not convinced stupid motherfucking record industry, let's shoot ourself in the the second toe. Cheap Trick is one of the best power pop groups of all time, period. Anyone who argues that is an idiot. Yet half their catalog is out of print. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!! Fuck Led Zeppelin and their 2,000 releases of their 9 albums, oh wait, I think that was generous. I think they only had 2 decent albums. BLAM there goes your third toe. Let's shoot off the 3rd toe with a big bang. That's easy, even a $2000 dollar an hour hooker couldn't suck out the good of the shit on the radio like Coldplay. Wanna go for the fourth toe?

The Indie labels are the great white hope of music, until they get exposure, then the major label leeches dive in, sign the artist for a ridiculous amount of money, and then proceed to tell them what kind of music they are going to perform. BLAM. Death of an artist and hardly a foot left. Barely enough for a zombie to take a second look.

And #5 is where the major labels blow the fuck out of their foot with a (Big fucking gun type term here) in their last toe and foot and actually hit their other foot with that big fucker. Then they are crippled and will eventually die. If they were a horse we'd shoot them. People keep sharing this classic old music because there's nowhere to buy it. Let Me Repeat -- There is Nowhere to buy it assfucks. A lot of people have ripped it from vinyl. That takes software, money, time and our love for music, not money. So we trade what we can't find. That whole bogus argument about downloading albums doesn't hold a candle with me. In the last two weeks I bought 6 albums that I had previously downloaded. I would have bought 37 more albums that I had previously downloaded on my last trip to the store, but, not my fault, THEY WERE NOT AVAILABLE. Ooops can we all say out of print. Somebody lost sales. Maybe it was your ineptly run company. Probably not the guy on EBAY offering the album for a hundred bucks. He's more than likely made a tidy profit which the artist or record company never saw a penny, yet if said album had been available to purchase from a record company, I doubt if Mr. Public would have even considered that damn EBAY bid where all his money would have gone to the dude on EBAY and not to the artist or record people.

Hear me now RIAA, CRIA, Every RIA in the world. If it's out of print, I will be sharing it to the world. Where else will they get it? If it's in print, I will be the first in line to buy it and to promote the sales. If it's an awesome album, It needs to be promoted so more people can hear it, and then amazingly more people buy it. What a concept. Crazy Shit. I thank God that Writers want everyone to read their books even VIA free ( I see the music industry shudder) by the library. Because they know once in that dewey decimal system they have achieved a glimpse of immortality(let's face it all writers have that)(Maybe it's the free thing). In todays music industry, immortality like that can only be a dream, because they want to charge for even listening. Folks won't go for it. One last rant. As of this rant the #1 album all over the world is by Coldplay. Streamed it and it was the worst piece of shit I have ever heard in my life, just like their last album. Really is this the type of music that we all think is great? Or do we accept what the major labels are forcing down our throats. Get the old stuff before the big wigs decide it's not worthy anymore, you'll regret it if you don't. Soon you teenies will be facing the same dilemma as I and my peers are now, even sooner since most top 40 music in this new millennium sucks ass so bad that instead of making up a word for it, we just say, "Wow, that sucks bad!". Then in 5 years it will be out of print.

One last thing. I will never, ever, buy your compressed bullshit music from the internet. Those that do are idiots beyond redemption. The day that I cannot hold and load a hard copy of the full sonic digital value album(does that make fucking sense?)and sit and read the liner notes while I am listening to the uncompressed version as the artist intended is the day I stop purchasing music forever. I will do everything possible to download it illegally and never purchase one more album.

Wow this is crazy. If you've made it this far then here's the link for one of the most underrated albums of the 8o's. Sue Saad and the Next.
One last thing. I challenge every single company in the music biz to make these lost classics available to the buying public. If you don't we will continue to share and we will also be one step ahead of you. Make it available and we will buy it. If you can't meet that challenge, don't you dare persecute my site. You have no right. by the way if the link keeps getting deleted, I'll keep uploading it in various forms until someone finally releases it on disc. Copy and paste in new browser eh.

I I Me Me
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Today in Music History:

In 1976, One hit wonders Starland Vocal Band started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Afternoon Delight'.
I can't help it, I love the Bay City Rollers and all their poppy melodies. Rollin' -- the Bay City Rollers first UK album, from 1974 -- captures the band at their pop purist, as a string of hits slam to head-to-head with a mix of covers and soundalike originals. The original, superior, version of "Saturday Night" notwithstanding, the most obvious point of entry is the three monster 45s that ushered in Rollermania - "Remember", "Shang A Lang", and "Summerlove Sensation". But the album as a whole rises high above the somewhat shabby treatment history traditionally gives out to the group. Certainly, they were crass, undoubtedly they were manipulative and, ultimately, they were manipulated. But, they played their own instruments, they wrote their own songs and, though they did turn to outside help for the biggest (and best) of their records, still you could line the Rollers up alongside any power pop group of the age without any disgrace or diminishing of fun. The original Rollin' had a dozen tracks; the re-issued CD adds four more, the b-sides of each of the aforementioned singles… at least one of which, "Bye Bye Barbara", could itself have proved a major hit.

Remember (Sha la la La)
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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Today in Music History:

In 1978, Gerry Rafferty's album 'City To City' went to No.1 on the US chart, knocking off 'Saturday Night Fever', which had been at the top of the charts for almost six months.
Phobia, released in 1993, was the final studio album by The Kinks. Let me tell you folks it is a kriminally overlooked Kinks klassic. Quite possibly one of their finest albums and certainly my favorite. If you're a fan of the "whimsical" or "quaint" Kinks, you may want to look elsewhere because this is a VERY dark album. This is an album of desperation... as the new century approached, Ray Davies sensed that idyllic parables could not express the spiritual/moral/mental crisis facing us as a species. So, he cranks up the amps on tracks like "Drift Away" and "Phobia" to make sure his message is heard. That is not to say that the CD is unmelodic... some of the Kinks' most attractive melodies to date can be found here. I strongly suspect that the people who have panned this album either have not fully listened to it, (they heard one track not to their liking and cast it aside)or they are so set in what they think the Kinks should be, that they cannot handle anything different. (They want an album filled with 16 "waterloo sunset" re-writes) I believe that anyone who truly sits down and absorbs all 79 minutes of this album will be rewarded with a batch of powerful songs which only sound more powerful with each passing day. Oh yeah it's also out of print.

Only a Dream
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Saturday, July 05, 2008

One Vice at a Time

KrokusOne Vice at a Time is the sixth album by Swiss metalists Krokus, released in 1983 on Arista Records. It became a gold album in the United States, Canada and Switzerland, and was the first album to feature Mark Kohler on rhythm guitar. Yes it does sound like AC/DC a lot on a few tracks, but I don't care. The band was both criticized for the lack of originality, and praised for the quality of the music when this album came out, and both observations are valid. It's still heavy and it rocks very hard! I've always liked this band, and they've put out some really good stuff over the years, such as "Metal Rendezvous" and "Headhunter". Overall, this is my favorite LP from the band. "Long stick goes boom" is amazing, "Playin the outlaw","Bad boys,rag dolls" are all heavy,catchy tracks. Forget the similarities, just enjoy this for what it is: kick ass rock and roll.

Long Stick Goes Boom
Down the Drain
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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Too Old to Rock n Roll?

Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die! (1976) is a concept album by Jethro Tull. The idea for this album was to originally to be a rock musical. It would follow an aging and retired rock star named Ray as he wins money on a decadent quiz show, but finds that society has changed so much that with no one left like him anymore, he has no way of enjoying his money the way he did in the 1950s. He then decides to commit suicide but fails and lands himself in a hospital coma for an undetermined amount of time.

When he awakes he discovers society has changed again, and his style of dress and music are now popular again. He has become an overnight sensation with the young kids who now try to dress and act like him.

Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson has always said this album was not meant to be autobiographical of him as an aging songwriter, since he wasn't nearly old at the time. He says the point of the album was to illustrate how his style of music may go out of popularity with every other fashion and fad, but he is determined that if he sticks to it, everything comes back around and the style will rise again. This was the first Tull album I bought way back when and still a favorite of mine.

Quizz Kid
Crazed Institution
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